Healthcare solutions

Fujitsu is tackling the biggest challenges in the UK Healthcare market through co-creating world-class digital solutions to improve the experience for patients, citizens and clinicians.

Working together, we’ll enable you to deliver productive, predictive and personalised healthcare for your trust. Discover cost savings efficiencies from your existing IT estate, to help you to better invest in your digital foundations. Re-invest your savings into innovations to increase your workforce productivity and wellbeing and free your workforce to improve your patient experience and flow.

Productive Predictive and Personalised Healthcare

Improving Patient
Experience & Flow

Pre-screening for cancer & mental health » Remote Patient Monitoring » Patient Wayfinding and Flow » Self registration in Emergency Department » Bed Management » Digital Diary »

Increasing Workforce
Productivity & Wellbeing

Equipment Tracking » Imaging Anywhere » Abscond-risk Patient Tracking » Clinician On boarding » Monitoring Blood Temperatures » Workforce Automation » Ambulance Handover »

Investing in your
Digital Foundations

Digital Hospital Xccelerator » Cloud » Workplace Services » HIMSS Digital Maturity Assessment »
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