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Traffic Management Technology 2

Traffic Management and Technology Framework 2 gives your organisation access to a wide range of traffic management technology products, solutions and services. The framework provides a flexible and scalable solution to the challenges that your organisation faces. Fujitsu operates across 8 of the 15 Lots:

  • Lot 2 - Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Enforcement Cameras
  • Lot 3 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Systems
  • Lot 5 - Parking and Access Control Systems
  • Lot 6 - Environmental Monitoring Systems (Fixed and mobile)
  • Lot 8 - Asset Data Capture and Management
  • Lot 10 - Sustainable Transport Infrastructure
  • Lot 11 - Traffic Management Communications
  • Lot 14 - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The Traffic Management Technology 2 framework agreement gives government the opportunity to invest in world leading traffic technologies that transforms UK infrastructure and keeps citizens safe and secure.

Using AI and Big Data to drive Innovation

At Fujitsu, we are using the latest breakthroughs in AI and Big Data Analytics to deliver solutions that meet the needs of government and citizens. We have the developed the AI based traffic management system Spatiowl to accurately manage large amounts of data coming from multiple sources such as public transportations, vehicles, and pedestrians' smartphones in urban areas. Spatiowl aggregates and analyses across various data layers, and provides new insights from the analysed data to identify relevant actions in the user context. With big data, we can help UK Government manage live urban traffic information, effectively respond to emergency situations and enrich citizen experiences through increased mobility, security and safety.

Find out more

Take a look at our capabilities within traffic management technology by watching our Spatiowl case study. For more information, please contact