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NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date.

Scottish Frameworks

Fujitsu is a current supplier on two Scottish national frameworks; the Digital and Technology Services (DATS) framework and the Hosting and Cloud Services framework. Both frameworks have been implemented by the Scottish Government to reshape the portfolio of IT services frameworks that are available to the entire Scottish public sector.

Digital and Technology Services framework (DATS)

The Digital and Technology Services framework is a direct replacement of both the Application and Web Development and the IT Managed Services frameworks. As a selected supplier on the framework, the Scottish public sector will be able to procure from Fujitsu’s extensive and wide ranging digital and technology services portfolio, including:

DATS is a multi-supplier framework comprising of one lot. Mini-competitions will be required for all contracts awarded via the framework.

Hosting and Cloud Services framework

Fujitsu are also a supplier on the Hosting and Cloud Services framework, which covers the provision of data hosting services including co-location, private cloud and community cloud to the Scottish public sector. This provides organisations with the opportunity to have their data stored by an external party, rather than storage on an internal infrastructure which can be both costly and inefficient. Fujitsu has made the following offerings available to the Scottish public sector through this framework:

To find out more about both frameworks and the offerings available, please contact the Fujitsu team at