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Fujitsu Manufacturing Solutions - Unlocking Innovation

Expand and prosper in new markets
Boosting workforce productivity
Manufacturing data solutions
Unlocking innovation in manufacturing
Improving operational efficiency

In manufacturing, constant innovation is required to keep pace with changing customer requirements and the need for improved efficiency. Agility, operational flexibility and the strong interlocking of customer demand and faster individualisation, all drive ‘time to market’ improvement.

Those manufacturers who are agile and can quickly adapt to change, manage supply chain complexity and rapidly develop and launch new products onto the market, will be the winners. Those who fail to innovate and keep up, face losing out to their competitors.

If you are asking how can I constantly innovate to stay on the winning team - Fujitsu has the answer. We have the technology you need to expand and prosper in new markets.

Manufacturing technology in a connected world

In today’s global manufacturing landscape, competition is intense and there is a need for low risk, reusable approaches driven by converging technologies.

Companies need to be agile to keep up with change and to transform their business structure. IoT is rapidly changing the manufacturing environment and those businesses that are connected are more efficient, competitive and productive.

Connected intelligence

ICT provides ubiquitous connectivity, and in a human centric intelligent society connected intelligence allows every opportunity to be sensed and exploited. The vast amounts of data generated in the connected world can be interpreted to gain actionable insight into customer behaviour.

Connected infrastructure is Fujitsu’s vision of a human centric intelligent society where people are given the information they need to innovate. Already our innovation has led to 100,000 worldwide patents. We enable you to develop, manufacture and deliver products and services that focus on customer value as well as price.

Our technology enables you to:

  • innovate
  • reduce leakage
  • improve traceability and compliance
  • increase profitability
  • boost your production
  • increase agility and operational flexibility
  • gain valuable customer behaviour insight

Innovation from Fujitsu - leave your competitors behind

With $2billion invested in research and development every year, Fujitsu remains committed to developing the technology you need to overcome challenges of operating in a global market.

Using our technology you can stay ahead of your competitors to:

  • improve efficiency
  • reduce operational costs
  • achieve reliable delivery
  • be first to market with new products

At Fujitsu we have the technology and the expertise you need to create operational excellence throughout your manufacturing business.

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