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Data Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Increase your competitive edge
Boosting workforce productivity
Manufacturing data solutions
Unlocking innovation in manufacturing
Improving operational efficiency

Insightful data– the key to unlocking value

In today’s ‘connected’ world, information is one of the greatest untapped resources. A vast amount of data is collected, which instead of being interpreted to offer behaviour insights, is all too often discarded and ignored.

Digitisation of everything and everybody enables new insights, new offerings and new business models. New opportunities can be exploited through the development of products and services, which can enhance customer satisfaction and keep you ahead of your competitors.

In manufacturing, technology can be used to unlock the insightful data you collect to enable you to:

  • add real business value
  • improve your decision making process
  • increase your competitive edge

The manufacturing challenge

In modern manufacturing faster consumerisation and individualisation drives premiums. The complexities that arise through rapidly changing consumer demands, are thrown back to manufacturers along the supply chain.

Extracting business value from your data

The truth lies in your data. Connective intelligence enables the collection of customer data, which can be analysed and turned into valuable insights to improve your business actions and outcomes.

As all categories of Big Data continues to increase, so does the complexity of the digital economy. With growing volumes of spatial, behavioural and transactional data, manufacturers are finding connected intelligence through IoT is non-negotiable.

Fujitsu manufacturing technology

Consumer demand for new products and services puts manufacturers under constant pressure to innovate. Technology from Fujitsu allows you to analyse the data you collect, to exploit its value so that you can keep up with consumer demand.

Our agile manufacturing solutions empower you to rapidly adapt to customer needs, exploit opportunities to design new products and be first to market.

We have the expertise you need to combine together data sources to provide unique insights to drive your business forward. Our IT solutions empower you to interpret the data you collect to improve and accelerate your business decision making processes.

Innovation from Fujitsu enables you to unlock valuable insights from your data to allow you to make more informed business choices.

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