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Improving operational efficiency within manufacturing

Increasing agility
Boosting workforce productivity
Manufacturing data solutions
Unlocking innovation in manufacturing
Improving operational efficiency

Agile manufacturing solutions from Fujitsu

With consumers demanding higher service levels, new product development and tighter delivery times, supply chains are growing in complexity. Increased agility in manufacturing is therefore essential to keep pace with change.

To meet customer demand for on time and on price delivery, optimisation of complex multi-channelled business networks is critical. Products need to quickly progress from order to payment, and be delivered on time with the highest level of service possible.

The global challenge facing manufacturers

Those manufacturers who operate on a global scale experience a higher level of volatility in cost, pricing and trade terms, than those who operate on a national level.

The ability to effectively manage manufacturing costs is the difference between profit and loss. The key is to reduce operational expense whilst at the same time achieve operational excellence.

Streamlining the supply chain and improving operational efficiency means cost reductions, which can then be passed onto customers in the form of cost savings. At a time when consumers are demanding shorter buying cycles and market competition is strong, competitive pricing is a vital to retain customer loyalty.

Those manufacturers who successfully manage supply chain complexity and the speed of adaptation that is required, will emerge as the winners.

IT in manufacturing – improving efficiency and increasing productivity

At Fujitsu we work with manufacturers around the world to develop solutions to overcome productivity issues. We can help you identify the weak links in your supply chain and come up with ways to improve efficiency.

We have decades of experience partnering global manufacturers, and can implement the changes you need to overcome the challenge of competing in an international market.

Our manufacturing technology solutions allow you to:

  • effectively and efficiently deploy manufacturing resources
  • reduce production downtime
  • track assets in real time
  • keep real time information systems up to date

We ensure your employees are equipped with the digital devices they need to perform effectively. Through the adoption of technology such as IOT, wearable mobile devices, cloud and RFID we can change the way you work to:

  • improve communication
  • boost workforce productivity
  • enhance inventory control/
  • improve operation agility
  • increase business efficiency
  • track assets in real time
  • reduce operational expenses
  • manage supply chain complexity

Agile services from Fujitsu help our global customers to reduce their costs, improve operational efficiency and achieve consistent reliable product delivery.

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