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  4. Boosting Workforce Productivity in the Manufacturing Industry

Boosting Workforce Productivity in the Manufacturing Industry

Increasing workforce productivity
Boosting workforce productivity
Manufacturing data solutions
Unlocking innovation in manufacturing
Improving operational efficiency

Within the manufacturing industry, connected intelligence and collaboration across the business and supply chain is crucial. Continued investment in IT systems and manufacturing technology is essential if you want to innovate and deliver products that offer real customer value, both on time and within budget.

Technology has the ability to increase workforce productivity and improve operational excellence. For instance hand held RFID technology for the supply chain can empower your workforce by making complex, time consuming processes much more efficient and straightforward.

Providing workers with the latest equipment and accessible online systems not only increases output but it can also increase worker satisfaction, and a happy workforce is a more motivated and productive workforce.

RFID enabled asset management from GlobeRanger

For manufacturers, access to accurate real time data is the key to accelerated decision making and support.

Fujitsu owned GlobeRangerOpen a new window, offers a suite of products for the manufacturing environment. Our solutions offer real business benefits, such as a reduction in the time lost searching for assets and maintaining optimal stocks.

With our technology your workforce can become connected. Wearable mobile solutions provide workers with the means to access the information they need to work in a more effective manner. Any information needed is available on a wearable device, and with instant and immediate access to this real time information, the decision making process is speeded up and improved.

Choose Fujitsu as your technology partner

We offer world class manufacturing IT solutions to overcome the challenges you faces in:

  • optimising your supply chain
  • keeping your data secure
  • increasing your operational efficiency and workforce productivity
  • connecting a dispersed workforce

We have manufacturing capabilities related to:

  • process automation
  • workforce mobilisation
  • cloud technology
  • internet of things (IoT)
  • augmented reality
  • RFID
  • stock control and management

We enable consistent operations by providing 24/7 support in over 47 languages through our service desk. Globally we have kept production lines running for one customer by responding to 27,000 calls in an average of 7 seconds.

Fujitsu – shaping a more prosperous future for your manufacturing business.

Want to know more about Fujitsu's manufacturing services? Call us on +44 (0) 1235 797711 or email



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