The digital workplace revolution - co-create with Fujitsu and increase your operational efficiency.

Today, energy and utilities service providers face a major challenge – how can they reinvent the workplace and develop a secure, collaborative and productive environment that’s capable of keeping pace with ever-changing business and employee demands?

Within the energy and utilities sector current workplace strategies have a range of shortcomings:

  • poor support for flexible working
  • cybersecurity issues challenging productivity
  • dependence on ageing systems for customer care
  • low adoption of cloud delivery platforms

To overcome these shortcomings and achieve efficiency and cost improvements, as well as outstanding customer care levels, service providers must digitally transform their working environment. In the digital workplace, technology not only delivers a more personalised, connected and collaborative environment that can increase operating efficiency, it can also aid worker satisfaction and employee retention.

Research - Workplace 2025: Utilities

Fujitsu partnered with PAC to interview senior energy and utilities decision makers to understand how CXOs plan to bridge the gap between the current and future workplace, and what their strategy is for the future. Our report findings make interesting reading, they reveal that today’s workplace is falling short and is failing to deliver in many areas:

  • 82% of utilities state their current working hours and practices are not flexible enough
  • 82% view staff attrition as a challenge to productivity
  • 61% admit that their current approach to cybersecurity is a barrier to productivity

Read our energy and utilities workplace 2025 report (239 KB PDF) to find out how energy and utilities are laying the foundations for the future digital workplace.

Download our full PAC and Fujitsu white paper to understand how other sectors are preparing for the future workplace.

Download our Workplace 2025: Utilities PDF (250kb)
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Fujitsu digital workplace solutions deliver a fully integrated environment

At Fujitsu, we have wide-ranging experience working within the energy and utilities industry. We understand the sector challenges you face, and are experts in designing, developing and deploying solutions that deliver lasting results.

With our unrivalled expertise in deploying digital workplace solutions, we can help you find the right balance between cost, performance, flexibility and security. We co-create with you to deliver a workplace that’s driven by business value. Using our sector experience, we help you to avoid the common pitfalls that can be encountered in designing, implementing and managing an effective workplace environment.

Our blend of technologies empower you to future-proof your organisation and create a personalised and frictionless workplace. With our seamless, contextual and predictive analytics-based support services we can guide you on your digital journey.

We offer an effective framework that combines services, processes, people and technology. Using our analytics platform Workplace Anywhere, we enable you to better understand your employees’ needs and working habits. We empower you to unleash the potential of your people, gain actionable business insight, achieve outcomes based on creating value and deliver a better experience for everyone.

Why choose Fujitsu as your digital workplace transformation partner?

We offer a broad range of digital workplace services that can enable you to keep pace and evolve in line with technological change. We are recognised by Gartner as a leader for Managed Workplace Services in Europe, and are the highest among vendors for the ability to execute.

Our world-leading digital services and technologies are helping asset-intensive utilities and energy providers around the globe to overcome their internal and external challenges such as:

  • increasing productivity
  • enhancing the customer experience
  • attracting a new generation of workers while retaining experienced talent
  • enabling the transfer of essential skills
  • encouraging collaboration while fostering innovation

We understand that addressing these challenges requires both a cultural change and an in-depth understanding of the connected workforce and the technology that delivers on that promise. We can help you on your digital journey and provide for the needs of both your business and diverse end-users.

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