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Fujitsu’s trusted Defence technology offerings and capabilities empower Defence and military organisations to increase agility, transform the continuity of operations across all strategic bases and achieve new levels of combat readiness. We are experts at delivering highly secure and trusted solutions.

Offerings & Technology - Delivering decision advantage

Fujitsu offers a wide range of digital services for UK Defence. We are a strategic partner of strategic command, defence and front-line commands.

We deliver deployed support to Armed Forces personnel worldwide including operational theatres, ships and submarines.

Whether it’s delivering secure hosting capabilities and network services (WAN & LAN) to 250,000 military users across 1,100 UK and overseas locations, securely rolling out remote working solutions for military use through the covid-19 pandemic or delivering AI and quantum capabilities to enable intelligence to be processed and disseminated at lightning speed, we enable military services to be integrated across all 5 domains to achieve decision advantage.

Partnering for a new IT service experience

At Fujitsu, we’re ready to give you a truly great IT service experience. Whether you need a fully functional laptop on day one in a new role, or rapid replacement for a laptop that’s faulty, or the latest software to do your job effectively. We’re already delivering these services to over 100,000 IT users like you, across UK Government departments, helping them to be more efficient and more productive. We already have a trusted partnership with the MOD, with support teams located at your key UK and overseas sites. It’s proven IT expertise delivered by people who understand your everyday working practices.

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Fujitsu AI & Analytics

Fujitsu AI and analytics capabilities enable decision advantage. Ours is a highly agile approach to AI and analytics that enables Defence and military organisations to interrogate and analyse large volumes of data from different sources in a fraction of the time it takes traditional manual processes. We enable users to take information from a range of data sources and tailor this to any operational need using technologies such as Apache Hadoop - a massively scalable platform designed to deal with data from many formats and sources in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner.

Our AI and Data Analytics offerings include Advanced Image Recognition technology, Quantum-Inspired computing, agile application deployment, real-time data warehousing, machine learning, deep learning workloads and security and governance.

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Fujitsu Secure Cloud

For Defence and military organisations requiring security at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET levels, Fujitsu provides a secure, flexible and scalable cloud platform based on industry-leading VMware cloud virtualisation technology. Deployment is not restricted by location and can be facilitated in the most remote of locations where connectivity and hosting services are limited.

Fujitsu Secure Cloud complies with NIST best-practice security standards and meets the goals defined in the NCSC Cloud Security Principles 1-14. We provide cloud services at all classifications from Official where we partner with the major cloud providers to higher classifications using our partnership with VMware.

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Fujitsu Digital Enablement

Fujitsu is a world-leading digital transformation partner with a wide range of secure digital offerings and capabilities including Secure Asset Management, Tactical IoT, Data Integration, Edgeware Solutions, C4ISR Toolset, Agile Applications and Secure Procurement Services.

With our portfolio of end-to-end digital solutions, we empower Defence and military organisations to get ahead of the digital curve and achieve enterprise-scale transformation to improve the continuity of operations and achieve new levels of combat readiness.

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Fujitsu Secure Networks

Fujitsu secure network solutions integrate both technology and people with the latest and best COTS technologies. Flexibility and agility are in-built to provide ease and speed of change to meet operational requirements and enable the exploitation of future advances in technology.

Secure network connectivity services are delivered at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET security classifications to meet the stringent security requirements of Defence and national security organisations. Designed to support both current and emerging demands of the Defence sector, our secure networks deliver cost reductions, increased agility, faster changes and upgrades, improved service levels and increased security.

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