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At Fujitsu, our portfolio of robust end-to-end digital solutions empowers Defence and military organisations to get ahead of the digital curve. We support Defence customers throughout their digital journey – from launching or improving a single service, to delivering multiple solutions that achieve enterprise-scale transformation. With our digital services and solutions, we enable Defence organisations to improve the continuity of operations and achieve a new level of combat readiness.

We have been innovating with the MOD, government departments and intelligence communities for over 50 years, and take a flexible, pragmatic and evolutionary approach to end-to-end digital modernisation that balances the drive for innovation with the need for continuity.

Our digital offerings include:

Fujitsu Agile Applications

Our modern application development technique delivers a more flexible, agile applications environment for the Defence sector. Applications can be updated on a dynamic basis according to the rapidly changing needs of an operation or a mission.

To ensure the delivery of enhanced situational awareness, we have developed the capability to deliver a bespoke, configurable dashboard which graphically shows information from different sources in a single view. Connected to the dashboard is the ability to develop agile applications to support operations when time is in short supply.

As an example, our J1-J9 dashboards provide commanders and specialists with accurate, real-time information related to their military operations. Analytics helps filter and present only the most important information relevant to the user and the operation at hand. Personnel are provided with the ability to view the holistic operation, or to drill down to more detailed information relating to specific J-divisions.

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Fujitsu Data Integration

At Fujitsu, we work in close collaboration with industry-leading partners to deliver tailored data integration solutions. We are the provider of the Global Connectivity Service to the UK Ministry of Defence and are at the forefront of providing high-speed secure network connectivity and integration solutions.

Our approach is underpinned by an innovative co-creation strategy, that combines collaborative inputs and insights from all stakeholders to enable the secure integration of programme specific data platforms with national data platforms. We create and integrate secure data management environments that can be accessed by users in any location on any device. Direct benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency - increased automation capabilities in both data collection and decision making
  • Increased effectiveness – easy access to timely and accurate data for quicker and more pro-active management

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C4ISR toolset

Fujitsu’s comprehensive C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) toolset delivers a secure, single, trusted information environment that can transform military operations. Regardless of location, the C4ISR toolset transforms C4ISR operations, enabling disparate components to coherently and seamlessly talk to each other. Operational users no longer need to access several different systems to reach the information they require.

Our C4ISR toolset implementation delivers a way for operational users to effectively access information from different systems via a single pane of glass. This functionality is enabled by the application of integration middleware and our GELS capability. It’s a scalable and agile solution that offers a fully tailored application suite for enhanced collaboration and intelligence sharing. In addition, we also provide fully sustainable, through-life support and maintenance, backed-up by our extensive experience of delivering automated support on a global scale.

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Fujitsu Secure Procurement Services

The highly sensitive nature of Defence and military communications brings a series of unique challenges to the procurement process, such as; ensuring all hardware is configured in a secure environment, hasn’t been incepted on its journey through the supply chain and will be securely destroyed at its end-of-life.

To meet these challenges, we have developed a highly secure end-to-end IT procurement and logistics service specifically for the Defence and military sector. All aspects of procurement and logistics meet required security classifications and complete anonymity is assured.

With our fully flexible end-to-end service any service combination can be selected as required:

  • Build and Configure - security-cleared experts begin equipment configuration upon request, and once configured, the equipment is asset registered and security sealed.
  • Storage - once the hardware has been built and configured it’s stored in a List X cage until it’s ready for dispatch.
  • Delivery - secure, point-to-point transportation is arranged up to SECRET level classification.
  • Disposal at end-of-life, we manage the secure disposal and destruction of hardware up to SECRET level classification.

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Fujitsu Secure Asset Management

Within Defence, the ability to securely manage vital assets and make them readily accessible to the right people is critical, and with over 50 years working in the Defence sector, this is a requirement we understand well.

Our Fujitsu Edgeware software solution, which has been successfully implemented in over 100 separate Defence projects around the globe, enables precision-based, real-time monitoring and secure management of assets. Secure weapon monitoring/management capabilities include:

  • Collection information from devices and sensors monitoring assets
  • Integration with existing systems across different security domains
  • Personnel and weapons association tracking
  • Application of appropriate context to generate meaningful data
  • Asset inventory auditing at any time
  • Inventory management
  • Environmental monitoring of munitions
  • Shipping and receiving processes monitoring

We also offer a highly secure, ruggedized and networked locker storage solution delivered as a fully managed service.

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Fujitsu Financial Reconciliation Solutions

Defence and military organisations the world over face the ongoing challenge of reconciling their inventory systems against the general ledger, which, with a wide range of complex systems and data feeds and formats, is a hugely time-consuming business.

Recognising this problem, we developed a Defence specific reconciliation solution capable of taking data feeds from a wide array of disparate sources and formats and reconciling this into a single, central repository. Data across each accounting period remains permanently available in a coherent single combined view to enable analysis for improved procurement decisions.

Already implemented in Defence, it has enabled improved accuracy through data-driven insight and master records which provide a single version of the truth. Monthly reconciliation takes a fraction of the time and cost, with processing down from around 15 days to just 2.

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Fujitsu End to End Support Chain Visibility

Given the complexities involved in military support chains, achieving a single trusted view of available assets is a huge challenge, which is why we have developed a solution using proven Edgeware technology. Developed by GlobeRanger, Edgeware automates data capture from Automated Identification Technology (AIT) readers and sensors, such as barcodes, RFID tags or IoT devices that are attached to assets.

It offers an agile and cost-effective pathway to sharing error-free data. The software platform seamlessly integrates existing and new technologies, preserving past investments while enabling new edge applications. Automated real-time data capture addresses data quality issues and ensures error-free data that’s shared with stakeholder systems right across the support chain. Our solution offers:

  • Dynamic asset management, from the factory to the battlespace
  • A single trusted view of the entire support chain network
  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Data on condition monitoring and support of assets – including personnel

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Fujitsu Edgeware

Our Edgeware solutions provide the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of existing infrastructure. By integrating data from machine-to-machine, human-to-machine, RFID and other sensor technologies, our Edgeware solutions enable Defence and military organisations to harness data in real-time from a wide variety of sources.

Edgeware automates data capture from Automated Identification Technology (AIT) readers and sensors such as barcodes, RFID tags or Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Tags can be encrypted to protect sensitive data from compromise as the asset moves through the military support chain. Applications of Edgeware within Defence are numerous and include:

  • Logistics and asset tracking
  • Personnel tracking and weapons associations
  • Inventory management processes
  • Shipping and receiving processes
  • Environmental monitoring of munitions
  • Combatting counterfeit parts in the military support chain

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Defence Enterprise Cyber Security Services

At Fujitsu, we follow an intelligence-led approach that combines best-in-class intelligence tools, industry-leading expertise and customer insight which ensures that we co-create and implement the most effective solution. From local and global Security Operations Centres we deliver 24/7/365 cybersecurity services at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET security classifications.

Full cybersecurity capabilities are built into the core of our comprehensive range of ICT solutions which are based upon best-of-breed security technologies and include:

  • Secure network connectivity
  • Secure cross-domain gateway solutions
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Identity and access management
  • Cyber strategy and risk services
  • Continuity and resilience

The strength of our proven experience, vendor relationships, and global scale means that we’re well placed to provide real-time intelligence and visibility on the state of any Defence IT environment.

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Fujitsu Tactical IoT

At Fujitsu, our tactical IoT solution enables the seamless integration of hard-to-reach tactical information with existing operational information and intelligence. We provide a secure interface between tactical architecture and more strategic (fixed or deployed) HQ-based communications.

Our solution delivers critical data and intelligence and connects command and control with the battlespace. It utilizes a lean, low bandwidth protocol that combines together previously dispersed information domains using 2iC’s award-winning tactical cross-domain architecture and a Deep Secure IX guard to protect the boundary between low and high-security classifications.

It provides a Service Oriented Architecture within the tactical environment and creates opportunities to exploit IoT and integrate legacy systems/devices to generate live situational awareness and deliver critical information and intelligence on assets, people and equipment in the battlespace.

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Fujitsu Secure Workplace Solution

We live in an exciting and fast changing digital age that is transforming the way we lead our lives. Rapid advances in technology have radically changed our expectations, both as consumers and employees. In this digital age, organisations need to become more agile and more innovative than ever before. They need to provide a work environment for their employees that nurtures collaboration, agility and innovation.

With security coming under ever-increasing levels of scrutiny, digital adoption can pose substantial threats, especially in the Defence and National Security space.

Empowering your people with the freedom to connect, collaborate and innovate securely is now a business imperative. The challenge is finding the right balance between giving your people the agility and freedom they expect, and you expect of them, without compromising security in any way.

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Why choose Fujitsu as your Defence technology partner?

We have been a UK Ministry of Defence technology and service provider for over 5 decades, and over the course of our long-standing relationship with the MOD, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the Defence sector and its technology requirements.

We have the global capability to install and service a deployment anywhere in the world with around 4,000 security cleared staff and extensive experience delivering and managing both generic industry offerings and those tailored to specialist needs. Our approach builds on our extensive global experience of delivering highly secure solutions for numerous Government services that operate at SECRET or ABOVE SECRET classifications.

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