Secure Cloud for Defence and National Security

Fujitsu - enabling digital transformation in a secure environment

As more technology products and services become Cloud capable, organisations across all sectors including Defence, are striving to adapt their security and privacy policies to be compatible with the Cloud. With the need for more flexible, easy-to-consume technologies Cloud is fast becoming the default for infrastructure services.

At Fujitsu, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of multi-cloud services and solutions for high-security environments. We provide Defence and military organisations with the ability to flex and adapt to the changing capabilities of different Cloud environments and security landscapes. Working with world-leading technology partners around the globe we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that provide a personalised, flexible, multi-cloud solution covering all security classifications.

Our Cloud offerings include:

Fujitsu Secure Cloud

For Defence and military organisations, where far greater levels of security are required at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET levels, we provide a flexible and scalable cloud platform in a secure environment based on industry-leading cloud virtualisation technology from VMware. The Fujitsu Secure Cloud complies with NIST best-practice security standards. We can service a deployment anywhere in the world, facilitating both fixed and mobile secure communications to the most remote locations.

Our Secure Cloud Service has been designed to meet the goals defined in the NCSC Cloud Security Principles 1-14. We provide customers with a VMware approach across all security domains from OFFICIAL using VMC on AWS to Fujitsu Secure Cloud for services hosted on private clouds at higher classifications. Deployment is not restricted by any location and can be used in deployed scenarios where connectivity and hosting services are limited.

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Fujitsu Multi-cloud

With our multi-cloud services and solutions, we enable digital transformation with the security of a private cloud and the agility and flexibility of the public cloud. Partnering with industry-leading technology vendors, we have developed a portfolio of services that enable customers to flex and adapt to the changing capabilities of different cloud environments and security landscapes. We provide personalised, flexible multi-cloud solutions across all security classifications, our offerings include:

  • Fujitsu Secure Cloud, powered by VMware
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Azure Cloud Services

We have extensive experience delivering highly secure solutions that operate at SECRET or ABOVE SECRET classifications. In the UK, we hold many certifications including ISO 27001 and adhere to requirements stipulated by industry regulators, including the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership, and HMG Security Policy Framework and supporting Security Policies.

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Why choose Fujitsu as your Defence technology partner?

We have been a UK Ministry of Defence technology and service provider for over 5 decades, and over the course of our long-standing relationship with the MOD, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the Defence sector and its technology requirements.

We have the global capability to install and service a deployment anywhere in the world. Our 4,000 security cleared staff have extensive experience delivering and managing both generic industry offerings and those tailored to specialist needs at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET classifications.

As the provider of the Global Connectivity Service to the UK Ministry of Defence, we are ideally placed to provide high-speed secure network connectivity. Our secure and multi-cloud Solutions can be procured via the UK Government’s G-Cloud service and come with a variety of flexible pricing mechanisms, from a pay-as-you-use pricing model to full asset purchase.

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