AI and Analytics for Defence and National Security

Translating data into actionable intelligence - enabling your information advantage

Today, within Defence, military and intelligence organisations are heavily reliant on data feeds and information to function effectively. Huge volumes and varieties of data are available for analysis, but, knowing what sources to interrogate and how to process the data quickly and accurately, is a critical challenge for military decision-makers, and using AI and advanced analytics technologies to deliver insight is becoming a top priority.

At Fujitsu, we have worked with the MOD, government departments and intelligence communities for over 50 years co-creating new technologies and capabilities. With our portfolio of AI and analytics capabilities, we enable information advantage by providing Defence, intelligence and military organisations with the means to translate complex data into useful information upon which they can safely base critical decisions and actions.

Our AI and Data Analytics offerings include:

AI and Data Science Consultancy

Fujitsu’s consultancy-led approach is designed to work collaboratively with customers to build bespoke, yet responsible, AI solutions to automate, optimise and extract insights that improve their operations and services. Our ultimate aim is to extract the maximum value from the available data. Fujitsu is acutely aware of the importance of ethical and responsible AI and the potential risks posed by the development of unethical AI systems. As a result, we are closely engaged with industry, academia and government as they continue to investigate and develop best practice and guidelines to ensure the ethical use of AI solutions across a wide range of industry applications.

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Fujitsu Agile Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Our highly agile and unique approach to data analytics and AI empowers military organisations to interrogate and analyse huge data volumes at speed. We provide users with the capability to take and integrate information from a wide range of data sources. These can then be tailored to any operational need by technologies such as Apache Hadoop - a massively scalable platform for storing, processing and analysing large data volumes from a variety of sources and formats. Using open and scalable architecture, we cut deployment times down from weeks to minutes and enable agile analytics to drive valuable data insight.

Our solutions enable agile application deployment, real-time data warehousing, machine learning and deep learning workloads as well as security and governance that can be quickly scaled up -whether that’s a standalone deployment in a disconnected or remote environment or a fixed or enterprise-wide network estate.

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Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition Technology (F|AIR)

Fujitsu (F|AIR) is an artificial intelligence capability with the power to revolutionise any operation involving a visual inspection of image data. It offers a framework and range of associated services that enable the application of deep learning to achieve greater automation across inspection processes.

Within military intelligence, there are numerous applications such as processing (near) real-time image data from live streams from drones or body cameras in the battlespace. F|AIR has the capability to improve situational awareness and enable much more informed decision making at critical times when split seconds count. It enables the rapid processing of visual images to identify people or items of interest, whilst reducing information overload. Images can be taken and processed from a wide range of assets such as vehicles, personnel, and drones.

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Digital Annealer

Fujitsu is leading the way in quantum-inspired computing. It has developed a revolutionary technology that can solve real world combinatorial optimisation problems today; problems which are otherwise unsolvable with existing computing methods. Powered by pioneering quantum-inspired technology, simultaneous data processing capabilities allow the Fujitsu Digital Annealer to almost instantly find the optimal combination of massively complex, previously unmanageable data variables. This unique approach compares thousands of possible answers at the same time, rather than in sequence, as processed by traditional computing. The result is unprecedented problem-solving capability.

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Why choose Fujitsu as your Defence technology partner?

Today, Fujitsu is leading the way in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum-Inspired computing. Our unique, highly agile approach to analytics allows organisations to interrogate and analyse huge volumes of data from different sources in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional manual techniques and processes.

We have been a UK Ministry of Defence technology and service provider for over 5 decades, and during the course of our long-standing relationship with the MOD, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the Defence sector and its technology requirements.

We have around 4,000 security cleared staff and have experience delivering and managing both generic industry offerings and those tailored to specialist needs at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET classifications.


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