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GR-MAKE from GlobeRanger

Globeranger GR-Make: tracking of manufacturing processes

A unique solution for managing manufacturing processes

GlobeRanger’s GR-MAKE is a solution that gives businesses the tools to track, manage and improve their manufacturing processes.

Both GlobeRanger and Fujitsu have a long history of helping many of the world’s leading manufacturing organisations. Adding GlobeRanger’s suite of tools to our manufacturing solutions portfolio enables us to help your business become leaner, more adaptable and more productive.

GR-MAKE can help you effectively manage and improve even within the most complex manufacturing environments. Our solutions bring you the flexibility and adaptability you need whilst still enabling cost reduction.

GR-MAKE – enabling lean manufacturing

GR-MAKE helps enable lean manufacturing through more effective management of your organisation’s inventory. It can help you manage the flow of supplies to the manufacturing floor. It can also help you track and manage your manufacturing tools and equipment.

From manufacturing within the automotive industry to food production, we have the tools and experience to help you improve your manufacturing business.

The benefits of GR-MAKE for manufacturing

By implementing GR-MAKE your organisation can benefit in many ways including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Leaner just-in-time inventories
  • Reduction of overall manufacturing costs
  • Reduction in the number of manufacturing errors

GR-MAKE has a rules engine which is highly flexible and allows you to quickly build business rules. These rules can provide you with key alerts, triggers and other management information. More advanced and timely information helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of the entire manufacturing process. From inventory management to asset movement - we put you in control.

Below are just some the benefits that GR-MAKE has physically provided to manufacturers:

  • Enables the visibility of the entire manufacturing process – in real time.
  • Helps maintain the timely flow of materials no matter how big your organisation.
  • Global tracking and management of inventory levels to prevent inefficient over-stocking and disruptions to the manufacturing shop floor.
  • Automates numerous manufacturing functions that used to be manual processes, making management information more accurate and up to date.

GlobeRanger manufacturing solutions

GR-MAKE is built on GlobeRanger’s established iMotion platform and the same data engine that powers their asset management software, GR-AWARE.

It provides an easy-to-use environment to build custom solutions but with none of high costs of custom development. The total cost of ownership is low due to the benefits of more efficient production, reduction in complexity and rapid time to solution.


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