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GlobeRanger iMotion

Globeranger iMotion: Internet of Things edgeware platform

Making sense of the Internet-of-Things for the enterprise

iMotion gathers and processes data from devices throughout the enterprise and incorporates this data in to management systems.

GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform provides the crucial interface between your organisations objects and devices, and your day-to-day business applications. It enables a real-time holistic view of your business without the problems of a slow and complex integration.

iMotion solutions by industry

Whatever the complexity or scale of your requirements iMotion allows you to rapidly develop, configure and deploy a solution. Whether you require a small scale pilot or a globally deployed solution iMotion can be implemented, quickly and efficiently.

iMotion implementations already benefit many industry sectors including;

  • Defence
    The iMotion platform has many successful implementations within the defence sector. These already include the US Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency and also several other branches of the U.S. Military.
  • Government
    The US Department of Energy and the Dutch Forensics Institute (NFI)
  • Aerospace
    iMotion solutions support many aspects of the aviation industry, including:
    • Warehouse management
    • Supply chain integration
    • Aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul)
    • Aircraft manufacturing WiP (work in progress)

The iMotion platform has already been a key part of numerous deployments in healthcare, logistics, asset tracking and management.

Benefits of iMotion

iMotion has numerous benefits which have helped it grow to be a leader in its field. Some of these benefits are:

  • Designed to be implemented fast at any scale
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Flexible, adaptable and scalable
  • Wide support for networks and devices including RFID readers and other sensors

About GlobeRanger

GlobeRanger solutions already power several of world’s largest RFID deployments. Organisations who now benefit from such solutions include several areas of US Defence such as the U.S. Defence Logistics Agency (DLA).

GlobeRanger was established in 1999 and became a Fujitsu company in 2014.


  • Fujitsu Servers
  • Storage
  • Client Computing Devices
  • Peripheral devices
  • Software



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