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GlobeRanger RFID technology, Software and IT Solutions

RFID and edgeware solutions

GlobeRanger is a Fujitsu company that combines its own class leading solutions with Fujitsu’s industry expertise and experience.

GlobeRanger has built a suite of tools that help businesses to merge enterprise data in to their management processes. What is innovative about this, is that much of this information is often generated outside of conventional IT environments and is often underused.

The solutions created by GlobeRanger enable large organisations to harness data, in real-time, from a wide variety of sources such as;

  • edge devices throughout the network
  • RFID readers and physical object scanners
  • various sensor deployed throughout the enterprise

GlobeRanger’s products truly enable the Internet-of-Things (IoT) in live business environments. Giving real business value to the wide variety of data available throughout the enterprise.

Management solutions for industry and government

GlobeRanger has successfully rolled out their solutions to organisations in most industries including;

  • Defence
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Transport
  • Energy and Utilities

The GlobeRanger suite of tools

Data that was once hard to integrate is now instantly available and usable via GlobeRanger’s suite of tools that include:

  • iMotion
    • connecting the Internet of Things to enterprise software systems
    • logistics and inventory management
    • manufacturing, assembly and Kanban engine
    • intelligent asset management

Why choose GlobeRanger’s solutions?

GlobeRanger offers an advanced suite of tools that deliver real business benefits to any organisation. Their solutions truly enable your business by integrating data from machine to machine, human to machine, RFID and other sensor technologies.

With GlobeRanger’s solutions all of your devices, objects and data can work in unison and can be integrated into existing software systems. Their technology has the ability to revolutionise your enterprise by making otherwise unused data part of the business process.

GlobeRanger helps your business turn your unprocessed data into business intelligence - in real time. All this without need for radical and expensive changes to your current IT systems.

About GlobeRanger Corp.

GlobeRanger, are headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Founded in 1999 they are owned by Fujitsu and are an active part of Fujitsu’s service offering.

Their mission is to provide the most flexible, scalable and reliable enterprise management solutions at the lowest cost possible.

They already power several of the world’s largest RFID solution deployments. These include significant areas of U.S. Defence, government operations and Flora Holland.


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