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Fujitsu Managed Private Cloud Service

Dedicated, Scalable, Flexible: Managed Private Cloud Service

In today’s marketplace, IT departments are faced with the challenge of providing infrastructure services at faster and faster rates to meet the increasing demands of the business and its stakeholders. Failure to meet these demands is not only damaging to the business, IT department credibility but is also contributing to the rise of ‘Shadow IT’ where business departments circumnavigate the ‘in house’ IT department and source direct solutions and services from 3rd party Cloud vendors.  

With the Fujitsu Managed Private Cloud Service, IT departments can take back control and enable rapid provisioning of infrastructure and facilitate business change in line with stakeholder expectations.

Fujitsu Managed Private Cloud Service is deployed on Fujitsu’s Tier 3+ operated datacentres but can also be deployed at a customer’s own datacentre. In both approaches, the infrastructure and service is managed, operated and provided on the same commercial terms. Our customers only pay for the resources they utilise on the platform that is capacity managed by Fujitsu enabling you to reduce costs and still provide flexibility and scalability to meet your business requirements. 

Fujitsu Managed Private Cloud Service can be deployed in either a single or dual site scenario to meet regulatory or resilience requirements. The platform can also be integrated with your existing systems and processes.

Customers are provided with a self-service portal and Application Programming Interface (API) that they can use to provision virtual machines and blueprint payloads from. This portal can be provided to internal business departments to allow for self-provision of payloads, reducing the time to serve individual/departmental requests, allowing for pre-defined authorisation of workflows to provide governance and control to prevent unexpected charges.

Customers have the flexibility to deploy and manage their own payloads, for Fujitsu to manage the system on their behalf or to have a mixture of both approaches on the same platform.

Other optional service and solutions include;

  • Fujitsu Cloud Service Management layer to provide multi-cloud brokerage and integration and business process automation.
  • Service Desk capabilities to increase your operation efficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Networking Service can be provided if deployed via Fujitsu datacentres.
  • Cloud consulting through our XpressWay methodology can be provided to assess your readiness for moving to the cloud.
For more information on the Fujitsu Managed Private Cloud Service please contact us.

Download the Fujitsu Managed Private Cloud Service description. (424 KB)


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