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Network infrastructure
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Pioneering Solutions

With over 30 years of leading the way for telecommunications networks in the UK and EMEA for clients, Fujitsu has developed a telecommunications Centre of Excellence, at our Solihull based offices. Our team of highly specialised consultants, chosen for their extensive knowledge, professional skills and subject matter expertise, provide a range of services to help improve business competitiveness.

Amongst the market leaders, Fujitsu has a proven ability of pioneering solutions and providing expertise across many technologies, including: PDH, SDH, ATM, Ethernet, GigE, GPON, SDSL, HDSL, ADSL, DWDM, LAN, WAN, hosted voice and high capacity microwave radio systems.

Building a reputation, where Fujitsu’s UK technical labs, manufacturing facility and installation and commissioning teams have been involved directly in providing full, turnkey packages for some notable first technology applications, including:

  • The first Computerised Directory Enquiries network in Europe
  • The first Synchronous Digital Highway (SDH) network in Europe
  • The first Passive Optical Network (PON) In Europe
  • The first scale roll-out of DSL in the UK

Perfecting the required skills over the years, Fujitsu has specialised in integrating technologies into existing processes and networks; building on the successes and steering round the dangers - but electronics is only part of the story.

Networks require physical interconnect and to facilitate this a significant part of the Fujitsu story in the UK has been the design, build and deployment of physical telecommunications networks, including: Fibre and Radio Core, Metro Networks and Fibre, Copper and Coaxial Analogue and Digital Access Networks. Fujitsu’s culture is grounded in integrity, truth and openness. Having both a Japanese and European background provides a unique and different perspective compared to our competitors – one that is based on innovation, continuous improvement, long-term partnerships and a realistic view of the benefits technology can offer. Our people and their skills are at the heart of Fujitsu’s business and one of our core strengths is the knowledge and talent they possess.

Fujitsu offer you the opportunity to take advantage of this extensive knowledge base of experts, by offering consultancy services covering a range of the following value added network services;

  • Network Asset Audit
  • Service Provider Management Assessment
  • Network and Network Strategy Appraisal
  • Network Design Services
  • Procurement Technical Support
  • Programme Delivery Appraisal
  • Programme / Project Management
  • Business Case Support
  • Bespoke Solutions



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