No going back

The sense of urgency created by recent events acted as a catalyst to faster executive decision-making, driven by the need to protect people and maintain continuity. When it mattered most we were able to mobilise millions of people to work differently, cutting through the bureaucracy out of sheer necessity. Now, as we turn our minds to recovery, one thing is certain. There is no going back. As we begin a challenging phase of recovery, it’s all about creating the business case that will underpin survival for some and resilience for all – whatever the future may hold.

Workforce Transformation

For millions of people and businesses the shift to remote working has challenged preconceptions and brought about significant benefits. Those organisations with the potential to sustain home working in the longer term will be considering the longer-term implications for the workforce.

In the period ahead you will be considering how you will maintain focus on employee safety and wellbeing whilst achieving productivity levels. Technology can undoubtedly play a key part in addressing immediate needs around cost reduction, unlocking potential efficiencies, leveraging remote working to create business benefit and accelerating pace.

Keeping your business secure

As we begin a challenging process of recovery, all organisations will need to build their resilience for the future based on extreme scenario planning - including a repeat performance of what we didn’t think could happen…but then did. With teams working and collaborating remotely for the foreseeable future a key priority will be to protect your organisation from security breaches.

Adapt and scale fast with multi-cloud

In the current climate it is impossible to forecast demand, since historical models are no longer relevant. Organisations in the public and private sectors need to work alongside trusted partners who understand them and will afford them the flexibility, pace and agility needed at this critical time. That’s why we are helping organisations in the public and private sectors to add the cloud-based capacity they need, on the optimal platforms, to achieve service continuity – at speed.

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