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Transforming the Retail Workplace

Workplace for Retail

Connecting colleagues to create the future of Retail

For the smart retailer, two things are clear. First, they must continue to adapt and evolve. Second, they must solve an underlying conundrum: how to keep pace with customers’ growing expectations while running operations for less.

From better in-store experience and instant mobile access to customer records and preferences, the promise of a connected workforce is compelling. Fujitsu Workplace Anywhere is an innovative, managed solution that enables your staff to work more productively, and create an environment that fosters customer loyalty.
It is the ideal foundation to deliver smart applications to colleagues, providing a truly Connected Retail experience.
Fujitsu Workplace for Retail Brochure
Fujitsu Workplace for Retail Brochure
Retail connection anywhere, anytime, with any device
Using a device of choice, including POS Systems, key Retail & Hospitality employees can access all the applications, data and communications tools they need – in the right place, at the right time. Workplace Anywhere delivers a computing and communications experience that’s personalised for every employee.
On the shop floor, colleagues can get instant access to the latest data to improve customer service. Whilst at headquarters HR, finance and marketing departments can have anytime, anywhere access to analytics, keeping your colleagues completely connected.
A secure and efficient Connected Retail Workplace
Workplace Anywhere is a centrally managed service that’s securely delivered, guaranteeing peace of mind. For Retail & Hospitality businesses it boosts efficiency by streamlining processes and reduces IT overheads by moving from capital to a more flexible operating expenditure model. What’s more, it creates value as IT teams can focus on customer and business outcomes, rather than systems management.
Ultimately, it drives revenue growth and enables your colleagues to be more customer centric.



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