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Transforming the Energy and Utilities Workplace

Connecting your Workforce

Drive operational excellence through a connected workforce

In today’s world, the engineering, utilities and energy sector are faced with a series of internal and external challenges. They are continually trying to challenge themselves on how to improve their productivity, enhance their customer experience and encourage innovation, whilst maintaining health and safety within the workplace.

Fujitsu’s many years’ of experience of working with this sector has led us to develop our understanding of the customer’s wants and needs. We now recognise that customers want to interact with businesses in a time, manner and medium of their choice. And that’s where Fujitsu’s Workplace Anywhere comes in.

Workplace Anywhere supports the sharing of best practice between colleagues enabling essential knowledge to be passed between different departments, regions and generations. It empowers disparate colleagues to become a connected workforce and arms field workers with the right assets and information whenever and wherever they need it regardless of device.

Discover how Workplace Anywhere could connect and empower your workforce (PDF Download, 1MB)

One initiative that is giving the modern workforce a greater choice and flexibility is the drive of: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA). By promoting these initiatives, employers will attract new talent and meet changing user demand.

In short, it means field workers are provided with anytime, anywhere access to data and applications. Therefore, when real time access to information is available, field workers are equipped with intelligence that lets them work in the most efficient and safest way, increasing their productivity.

As a result, jobs scheduled for the day can be done in order of importance and based on the most efficient route. The number of repeat visits is drastically reduced and projects are completed at a faster rate. The benefits of a connected workforce not only affect the companies themselves, but their customers too. Service improves and reputations are enhanced.

See what else we can do for the energy and utilities sector.



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