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What is PalmSecure™?

Fujitsu has developed its own highly accurate and easy to use biometric technology for enterprise scale logical and physical access control. Widely used in healthcare, education and banking it can be used by both staff and customers to meet a number of business needs.

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure™ technology is based on palm vein pattern recognition technology; which combines extremely low error rates with a contactless device to provide ease of use for all users. Using image recognition and optical technology to scan the normally invisible vein pattern of the palm it is highly resistant to counterfeiting and non-intrusive.

Banco Bradesco

Watch how Banco Bradesco reduced ATM-related fraud to almost zero for millions of customers, using the Fujitsu PalmSecure™ scanner.

PalmSecure business applications?

PalmSecure business applications

What additional benefits can PalmSecure™ provide?

Fujitsu has developed match-on-card solutions for PalmSecure™ allowing organisations to deploy the technology to areas with poor network infrastructure whilst maintaining tight control of the biometric data. Fujitsu has also worked closely with third parties to integrate the PalmSecure™ technology into industry standard Identity and Access Management solutions and Physical Access Control solutions. The next generation of PalmSecure™ will even recognise a moving hand as it swipes over the sensor.