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Our Long Term Investment in Biometrics

Fujitsu has developed and deployed biometric products and systems for over two decades. Biometric applications are used in national scale border management systems to consumer focused devices such as fingerprint readers in laptops.

As biometric systems become more connected to the business applications they support, a greater proportion of the system complexity is found in the integration of biometric and non-biometric components. Industry trends have seen more biometric systems being awarded to systems integrators who are able to manage this integration complexity whilst maintaining a deep understanding of the underlying biometric technology.

Connectivity between a nation’s multiple biometric systems (e.g. passport, visa, police, border), international data sharing and the increasing need for mobility are just some of the emerging challenges Fujitsu is addressing on behalf of customers.

Research and Development

Fujitsu is strongly committed to the continued development of the biometrics sector, leveraging new innovations for our customers. We heavily invest in biometric research and development, including promising technology such as Match-on-Card Biometrics. This research is part of Fujitsu’s US$2.5 billion annual spend to develop technologies for our customers.


Fujitsu is strongly involved in international biometric groups such as the International Standards Organisation’s subcommittees on biometrics and on Cards and Personal Identity Documents, providing international experts from a number of countries. We also contribute to and fund national and international research projects, including work on European trends in biometrics and consultations with faith and disability groups on biometrics and identity.