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Information Security Services: Reducing the Business Risk

Fujitsu has over 40 years of experience managing the information security of government departments, national security agencies and private businesses. We can help you manage your IT security risks effectively, with an extensive portfolio of services delivered via Fujitsu Cloud or installed locally (or a seamless combination of the two).

We can ensure that you’re complying with the latest data legislation as well as protecting you from a constantly evolving variety of security threats. We provide a flexible, responsive service which gives you controlled access to software and data, from anywhere in the world and from any device, without compromising security.

Innovative security solutions

The PalmSecureTM palm vein authentication system uses innovative biometric technology to scan the pattern of veins in a hand. Each vein pattern is unique and the technology is fast and accurate. It can be integrated into other systems very easily to provide a contactless, hygienic and secure identification solution. It has been implemented in hospitals, schools, private buildings and banks across the world.
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How Fujitsu helped Banco Bradesco to reduce fraud-related costs to almost zero

Banco Bradesco installed the PalmSecureTM scanner in 35,000 ATMs across Brazil. It’s easier for customers to access their cash, and far more secure than using cards which can be stolen or cloned.

Its genius is its simplicity – Douglas Francisco, CTO, Banco Bradesco.

Watch the video below to find out how Fujitsu people and technology made a difference for Bradesco.

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