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Desktop Virtualisation:

Desktop Virtualisation

Driven by a need for a more flexible and lower cost desktop computing environment to meet changing business demands, a growing number of organisations are embracing virtual desktop services.

With our Managed Desktop service, we help our customers reap the benefits of desktop virtualisation, alongside traditional services to de-risk their investment. Our blended approach enables them to leverage the right mix of local and virtualised desktops to meet the specific needs and expectations of their end-users. What’s more, as customer requirements evolve and change over time, we can flex the service to increase (or reduce) the number of services provided virtually.

We help organisations decide whether different users are best suited to thick or thin client systems, implement virtual desktops to meet specific needs and provide the right level of application virtualisation to deliver more secure and agile services.

Importantly, Fujitsu uses trusted private cloud services – built to support secure, enterprise-class computing – making delivery of the desktop as a service a viable approach for business.

Why it pays to go virtual

CIOs are finding virtual client services provide an effective way to manage changes in the size and profile of their workforce, whilst also addressing cost and data security concerns.

Users are benefiting from a flexible, more personalised computing experience – whether they’re at home, on the move or in the office – and using an increasingly diverse set of devices, such as PCs, iPads and smartphones.

Businesses are seeing the benefits of reduced operating costs – and savings of up to 40% in the cost of desktop service provision.

How can desktop virtualisation help you?

  • Simplify technology refreshes: enable easier, lower cost deployment of new technologies, such as Windows 7 or 8.x and Office 2010/2013 
  • Reduce operational costs: through greater standardisation and automation, reduced asset costs and increased time-to-value when deploying new applications 
  • Better data protection and compliance: enforcing the use of centralised data stores, reducing the risk of losing data stored on thick clients 
  • Flexible provisioning: a remote desktop service enables new instances to be made available in seconds rather than days 
  • Improved user experience: support different user profiles and meet flexible working needs


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