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Fujitsu OptiMISe

Improve your IT availability

Taking an industrialised approach to infrastructure managed services

Fujitsu’s OptiMISe is a highly integrated set of systems management processes and technology.

It’s a world class toolset that’s been developed using our in-depth industry knowledge of managed infrastructure service delivery. With OptiMISe we combine technology, processes and automation to protect the uptime and health of your IT infrastructure.

Fujitsu OptiMISe diagram

OptiMISe components

  • OptiMISe Standard Platform
    Approved, life cycle managed, standard operating system builds and hardware that provide a stable and reliable infrastructure platform.
  • OptiMISe Infrastructure
    Unified enterprise management tools to fully monitor, manage and maintain the platform through its lifecycle.
  • OptiMISe Data Protection
    Backup services to protect and recover your data assets in the event that service failure occurs. Find out more about our OptiMISe Data Protection service.

The benefits of OptiMISe

OptiMISe provides an integrated toolset that was developed using our vast experience and expertise in infrastructure managed services. It’s ready to use and easily scales to match your IT landscape.

It’s built, tested and pre-configured with Fujitsu best practice to help increase IT availability. Deep integration with other complementing IT Services and capabilities means less hand-offs, more collaboration and faster solutions delivered by one dedicated partner.

It offers:

  • utility based charging and lower capital expenditure than traditional tools
  • quicker deployment
  • higher availability

At Fujitsu, we believe that our OptiMISe platform sets us apart from other Infrastructure Managed Service providers. It’s a perfect example of how we have utilised our continuous improvement approach to deliver value to our customers. With OptiMISe we ensure your IT services are available when you need them, we enable you to increase your efficiency, improve your service availability and lower your operating costs.

Find out more how Fujitsu and OptiMISe can simplify your service model and help you to rapidly achieve goals. Find out more.


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