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Strategic Business Consulting

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"The increase in productivity and efficiency has been astounding. We are working smarter with fewer people and saving money at the same time."

Steve Morris Head of Service, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Your digital ambitions will need a sound strategic basis to be swiftly and efficiently realized. Strategic Consulting can help your business to quickly identify and overcome problems, find new markets, or take advantage of existing opportunities – all in the rapid, and agile manner required in our digital age. We can help you define your business or technical strategies to make the best use of emerging opportunities. We can help you identify, quantify and track business benefits to support your business case. Through pragmatic and proven approaches to business change we can make sure that your staff are fully invested in the change, and that programmes deliver real business benefit. We can help you improve your business processes, increasing efficiency, and saving you money. We can help you make better choices from the data that you have, through our expertise in data analytics.

We deliver this through an overarching framework which we call XpressWay – our agile approach to modern consulting. This approach is high impact, low risk and, best of all, practical.

Our business and technical consultants are experts in their field and sector – so they talk your language. They have access to expertise from other sectors leading to increased creativity and cross fertilization of great ideas. Most importantly our services provide real, measurable cost savings and business benefits.

With you, we can identify where you your business needs to be, and help get you there.


A clear strategy is essential to the success of any modern business. Your systems should work hard for you, making your business run more smoothly. We can help to formulate your strategies and make your business more effective with visioning, strategy development, business case, and road-mapping services. All this is backed up, where required by rigorous discovery and due diligence activities.

Change  >>

The pace of change is frantic. Make sure your business, and your people, can cope. We can manage every aspect of the evolution of your business, ensuring that the impact on your organisation is minimal. We can also integrate flexible and innovative change systems with your existing IT, providing business agility and enabling you to adapt to change in the future. Find out more about business change services  >>

Process >>

Business processes are the very essence of you organisation. They are the rules that orchestrate the direct connection between your customers and your financial performance. We can provide business processes need that are quick to build, easy to operate and quick to change.

Analytics  >>

In the digital world data and information is one of your most valuable assets – if you’re able to use it effectively. If you have complex data, or data spread across several systems, we can help you to extract insights that enable you to address business issues, identify fraud, and provide valuable insights into customer behaviour. Find out more about business analytics services  >>

Technology >>

Technology should be the great enabler in business, but frequently it can get in the way. What is the best technology to use to achieve your business objectives? And what are the business opportunities that can be unlocked through new and emerging technologies? Our consultants can help you find answers to both these questions.


XpressWay is our flexible, consulting-based framework that we use to deliver each of these digital services. Find out more about XpressWay here – or read customer opinions about the XpressWay service.



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