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Fujitsu Cloud Services for SAP Solutions

Driven by an increased business demand for flexibility as well as a need for sustainability, reliability and availability, many organisations are moving to hosted solutions and services via the cloud. 
Fujitsu aims to help organisations cope with this change. We help set up stable SAP systems, which are installed and managed to industry standards and backed by service level agreements tightly aligned to performance. 
Our comprehensive cloud services for SAP solutions include: 
  • Professional services for the design, implementation, upgrade, integration and maintenance of SAP systems 
  • Sophisticated cloud data centers located around the globe 
  • An extensive array of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) managed cloud offerings

Tailor your cloud services for SAP

Fujitsu offers the opportunity to tailor the combination of services to best meet your needs. You can select a fully managed ‘SAP in the cloud’ service or choose the specific components that you require. 
Our cloud services enable you to scale usage up or down on-demand without a contractual commitment to capacity. This is supported by infrastructure and professional services that can help to maximise the performance of your SAP systems. 
In addition, Fujitsu provides dedicated onsite and offsite support as well as remote service management. We can supplement your SAP infrastructure with network, storage and on-demand computing capacity – either dedicated or virtualised.

Take advantage of Fujitsu’s world-class data centers

Fujitsu Cloud Services for SAP Solutions are designed for customers who want to run new and existing SAP applications and SAP HANA installations in a world class Fujitsu data center. Fujitsu offers a private hosted environment for production as well as a public cloud-based service for development and test systems. With Fujitsu, traditional databases and in-memory databases (SAP HANA) can run in parallel.

Why Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu is one of the world’s largest end-to-end cloud providers 
  • We use a certified Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA infrastructure proven in 500+ projects
For more information about how Fujitsu’s cloud services can help your business, contact Fujitsu today.


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