Optimize and Evolve

Optimize and Evolve

Fujitsu Application Managed Services

Evolving, optimizing and managing applications

At Fujitsu, our application managed services are built on years of experience and are perfectly blended with the latest technological innovations. With our help, you can embrace digitalization to keep pace with ever-changing business needs and maximize your return on investment. Our solutions are Cloud agnostic and designed to work in complex multi-cloud environments as well as private or hybrid estates.

We have a proven track record proactively managing and optimizing applications using DevOps and Agile methodologies. Our specialist digital performance management tools deliver the right changes to your applications at the right time to ensure they meet your business needs both now and into the future.

Optimizing your application to keep in line with your business requirements

Having migrated, re-built or transformed your applications, you now need them to evolve with your business, and that means continual optimization and proactive management to ensure their longevity, efficiency and ultimately their usefulness to your employees or customers.

Our state-of-the-art application and estate monitoring services automatically flag and correct issues before they become a problem. In addition, we also manage APIs, integrations and Cloud platforms, as well as applications.

Interactive Changes

Small changes make a big difference – our services give you the chance to start small and gain confidence, then keep making changes over time

Fast Feedback

You get day-to-day insight into you applications, with short feedback windows

Decreased Waste

We minimise process waste, as well as wasted effort, ensuring that you get the value you deserve

Deeper understating

Dedicated Squads working with you mean we gain in-depth of understating of how to help you business succeed


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