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USB 3.0 AOC Pure Fiber & Hybrid

USB cable

USB3.0 Pure Active Optical Cable

  • Active Optical Cable Transceiver
    • World’s 1st USB3.0 AOC TRX IC
    • 5Gbps, USB 3.0 Compatible
    • Automatic Rx Terminal Control
    • Electrical Optical (Photoelectric conversion IC mounted)
  • External conversion Adapter
    • USB 2.0 -> convert USB 3.0
    • USB 3.0 Hub (USB 2.0 -> USB 3.0 conversion equipped)
  • Features
    • Supports High Speed 5Gbps
    • Can support up to 100m
    • Configuration/No setting required
    • Compared to coaxial cable: 1/3 weight, 1/3 thickness
    • No need to have Special Driver (works with USB Driver)
    • Very strong to EMI/ESD
    • Power supply is required on one side (External adapter)

USB cable

USB3.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • World’s very first Active Optical Cable + coaxial hybrid cable
  • Not need of external conversion adapter
  • Features
    • Available Power Supply 5V/900mA (No External Adapter Required)
    • Can support up to 50m long cable
    • Supports High Speed 5Gbps
    • USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 Device -> supports USB 3.0 conversion
    • Configuration/No Setting Required
    • Slightly thicker compared to pure fibre AOC (3mm-3.7mm)
      • Compared to conventional coaxial cable, weight is approx. 1/3 and thickness is approx. 1/3
    • No special driver required (works with regular USB Drivers)
    • Very strong with EMI/ESD




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