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Kintex UltraScale FPGA


8K4K Image Evaluation Platform

Kintex UltraScale FPGA

The platform accelerates development of Super-High Definition 8K image processing.
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Part Number:TB-KU-060/115-ACDC8K

  • 20nm KINTEX UltraSCALE
  • 2x DDR4 SDRAM (2,400Mbps) 64bit enables wide band data buffer
  • Provide the extensibility with GTH transceiver
  • 7x FMC connectors
  • On board 4x SFP+ socket, QSFP for Video stream through Ethernet


  • Device: XCKU060-2FFVA1517/XCKU115-2FLVA1517
  • Memory: DDR4-SDRAM (64bit) x2
  • Interface
    • FMC
    • SFP+ Socket
    • RS-232C (Connector is USB-B type)
    • PMOD (Digilent module interface)
    • 10 pin header for Xilinx Cable
    • General pin header
    • Push switch, DIP switch, LED
  • Clock
    • 200MHz for DDR4
    • 148.5MHz for image processing
    • 156.25MHz for high speed Serdes
    • PLL for general purpose
  • Configuration: QUAD Dual-SPI Flash
  • Board size: H208 x W313 (mm)
  • Power (AC adapter)


ACDC Quattro Kintex UltraScale Development Platform

ACDC Quattro Kintex UltraScale Development Platform

The Quattro platform accelerates development across a wide range of industries including but not limited to Video/Broadcast, Aerospace/Defense, and Communications.
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Part Number: TB-KU-115-QUATTRO

  • 2x DDR4 SDRAM (2,400Mbps)
    64-bit enabling wideband data buffering
  • Expandable via four (4) FMC HPC connectors
    • 10 GTH transceivers per FMC
      (one implemented as 8+2 due to SLR)
      Substantial I/Os for LVDS or single ended connectivity


  • Device: Kintex UltraScale XCKU115-2FFVA1517
  • Interface
    • FMC x 4 (*1)
    • Onboard Zynq for system management and processing
    • RS-232C (Connector is USB-B type)
    • SFP+ interface
    • General purpose LEDs and switches
    • Proven operation with inrevium HDMI4K, 12G-SDI, DP1.2, V-by-One®, MIPI, and Zynq FMCs
    • Multi-board synchronization hardware support
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 2,400Mbps
  • Clock: Flexible clocking architecture, featuring:
    • Multiple clocks
    • Programmable clock generator, Quad PLL
  • Configuration: QUAD Dual-SPI Flash
  • Board size: H208 x W313 (mm)
  • Power: +12V desktop adapter

*1) Not all VITA57.1 signals are populated on all FMCs.


  • Fujitsu Servers
  • Storage
  • Client Computing Devices
  • Peripheral devices
  • Software



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