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FPGA Boards

FMC Cards

FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) Standard

Developed by a consortium of companies ranging from FPGA vendors to end users, the FPGA Mezzanine Card is an ANSI standard that provides a standard Mezzanine Card form factor, connectors and modular interface to an FPGA located on a base board.

Decoupling the I/O interfaces from the FPGA simplifies I/O interface module design while maximizing carrier card reuse.

High pin count:

Low pin count:

Development Kits

3D ToF Camera Development Kit

The TOF – Time of Flight – camera is a depth image sensing camera that can measure the depth distance at each pixel by the reflection time of pulsed near-infrared light sent to objects.


DynaFlash is an ultra-fast (1000 fps) 8-bit greyscale projector with a very short delay time (3 ms) suitable for entertainment, industrial and automotive applications.

IP Cores

The following cores are available to address the general needs of FPGA designers, as well as robust domain and market-specific cores to address requirements found in Embedded, and Connectivity designs. Use TED IP to free up precious time and resources you would normally spend developing standard functions and focus instead on the aspects of your design that differentiate your product from competition.


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