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FRAM Radio Frequency Identity chip (RFID)

With all the benefits FRAM provides, it is possible to build RFID tags with features that no EEPROM based RFID tag can offer. The high writing speed allows to build RFID tags with much higher capacities than with EEPROM. Since tags are usually mounted on moving objects, there is a pain barrier how long a write access can last. With FRAM it is possible to come very close to the theoretical maximum that the RFID wireless protocols offer.

Also it is possible to equip much faster moving targets with RFID by using FRAM based tags. With the high endurance, frequently used tags don’t have to be replaced regularly when the memory wears out. It is almost impossible to reach the endurance limit of an FRAM based tag.

Fujitsu's FRAM memory is available for HF (13.56MHz) and UHF (860MHz-960MHz) applications. The large-density memory is perfect for RFID use in factory-automation, maintenance, asset-management, and logistic-tracking applications.

Because data storage in the FRAM technology is not based on charges but on polarization of the ferroelectric film, it shows a better data stability in medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, food and cosmetic industries than other non-volatile memory technologies.

And, because of its serial interface, the FRAM RFID can connect to a microcontroller, expanding radio frequency identification into the realm of embedded applications.


FRAM RFID Product Line-up

P/N Radio frequency range Memory capacity Commands Interface Data retention Read/Write endurance
MB97R8120Open a new window UHF 
8KByte ISO/IEC18000-6C 
EPC C1G2 Ver.1.2.0
- 10years (+85°C) 10 13 times
MB97R8130Open a new window UHF 
8KByte ISO/IEC18000-6C 
EPC C1G2 Ver.1.2.0
SPI 10years (+85°C) 10 13 times
MB97R8110Open a new window UHF 
8KByte ISO/IEC18000-6C 
EPC C1G2 Ver.1.2.0
10years (+85°C) 10 13 times
MB97R8050Open a new window UHF 
No user memory ISO/IEC18000-6C
EPC C1G2 Ver.1.2.0
- 10years (+55°C) 10 10 times
MB89R118COpen a new window HF 
2KBytes ISO/IEC15693 - 10years (+85°C) 10 12 times
MB89R119BOpen a new window HF 
256Bytes ISO/IEC15693 - 10years (+85°C) 10 12 times
MB89R112Open a new window HF 
9KBytes ISO/IEC15693 SPI 10years (+85°C) 10 12 times

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