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System Memory

Fujitsu is offering a wide range of memory solutions for industrial and automotive applications.

Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) has a long history within Fujitsu, offering an excellent high performance and low power Non-volatile memory technology. Based on the knowledge we have collected with FRAM technology, Fujitsu is offering another innovative Non-volatile RAM technology: ReRAM (Resistive Ramdon Access Memory).

Fujitsu is also offering a wide portfolio of DRAM and Flash products from Winbond for the industrial and automotive market. With the good product quality as well as the long term support, we believe to contribute significantly to the daily business of our customers.

FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory)

FRAM is a non-volatile memory, which has the features of high-speed writing, low-power consumption and high endurance. FRAM is also known as FeRAM, and it is a type of memory that uses a ferroelectric film as a capacitor to store data.
By features of a non-volatile memory and high-endurance, the FRAM can be used for various applications such as mobile, OA equipment, digital appliance, banking terminal, security card. In addition, the FRAM, having small chip size and low power consumption, is suitable for RFID tag and our passive RFID with large memory size is massively used in worldwide.

Fujitsu Semiconductor FRAM Card


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DRAMs & Flash

Winbond we deliverFujitsu Electronics Europe offers a variety of standard memory products from Winbond. With this wide portfolio of high quality memory products including Specialty DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Serial NOR Flash as well as Nand Flash, we aim to fulfill most the memory demand for our industrial, automotive and consumer customers.