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Transphorm Introduction and Production at Fujitsu

Transphorm is redefining power conversion by leveraging breakthroughs in modern materials and unmatched expertise. Transphorm's ultra-efficient power solutions eliminate up to 90% of all electric conversion losses.

Transphorm is providing cost-competitive and easy-to-embed power conversion modules that simplify the design and manufacturing of motor drives, power supplies, battery chargers, HVACs and inverters for solar panels, UPS systems and electric vehicles.

Transphorm’s increasing market footprint with new higher-current GaN products, along with its access to high-quality, high-scale foundry manufacturing from Fujitsu, enables them to meet growing demands from global customers. The integration of Transphorm’s operations with Fujitsu provides high-volume and high-performance GaN power device production at Fujitsu’s wafer fabrication plant in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan.

Fujitsu’s Aizu-Wakamatsu plant track record and capabilities to cost effectively mass-produce silicon devices that meet the stringent reliability and quality requirements of customers in automotive, industrial equipment and other industries, will also be applied to the GaN power devices of Transphorm.



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