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3D ToF Camera Development Kit

Time of Flight Camera

What's ToF Camera?

The TOF - Time of Flight - camera is a depth image sensing camera that can measure the depth distance at each pixel by the reflection time of pulsed near-infrared light sent to objects.

TOF camera is the promising solution that can be applied to a variety of applications that require 3D information in the industrial field.

Data Sheet (1.44 MB )

ToF camera principle of operation

Output three types of image at the same optical axis.

Colour image* Depth image NIR image
RGB image Depth image 2 NIR Image
*Only of RGB-TOF Type

Product Description

Controller of the TOF sensor module is an implemented in the ARM core in an FPGA (Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC). It is possible to customize the details on the user side. You can easily build a PC-based evaluation environment and host processing system by utilizing the sample application and SDK provided.

ToF Camera Development Kit system diagram

Block Diagram

ToF  Camera Development Kit block diagram

Free Customization Environment

Not only the software of the host system but also ARM system and FPGA of the Control Module are open to the developer. It provides a highly free development environment.

By making the best use of dual-core system on the Control Module, it is possible to build an intelligent standalone 3D sensing system by single TOF Camera Unit.


ToF Camera Development Kit Specifications table


  • Fujitsu Servers
  • Storage
  • Client Computing Devices
  • Peripheral devices
  • Software



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