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Introducing the ClickBeetle Reference Platform

ClickBeetle specification

The ClickBeetle concept offers a versatile modular approach for fast application and prototype development in an unprecedented small form factor. By combining boards from the ClickBeetle family your pre-prototype reference board is instantly ready. Additional customized extensions board can be provided in less than 4 weeks.

Select your RF protocol by choosing the suitable ClickBeetle for your application. Add a PowerBeetle battery board with USB charger and you are ready to go with FEEU’s adapted SDK. If you need additional peripherals (e.g. memory, sensors, RTC, HMI, … ) FEEU can help you to building a custom ClickBeetle extension board featuring the missing hardware for your application prototype.

Size and Pin-Description

ClickBeetle pinout

Ambiq Apollo 1 MCU + RF Features

The 1st generation of ClickBeetles are built on the Apollo1 Ultra-Low-Power MCU from Ambiq Micro to boost the development of power sensitive applications today. These highly-integrated microcontrollers offer industry-leading power numbers in BOTH active modes and sleep modes. Additionally, they offer the performance of an ARM Cortex-M4F core at power levels that are even lower than competing ARM Cortex- M0+ solutions. Unrivaled power savings combined with a high-performance processing engine make the Apollo MCUs an ideal solution for battery-powered devices and other power-sensitive applications.

ClickBeetle functions

Download Factsheet (PDF) (479 KB)

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ClickBeetle family

ClickBeetle Family is featuring:

ClickBeetle logos Ambiq Micro ultralow power MCUs and RTCs Dominant Opto Technologies Hokuriku sensors NDK - Nihon Dempa Kogyo -  quartz crystal based products Neltron cables and connectors Sophic Circuits consumer PCBs


BlueBeetle I Schematic (1.84 MB )

PowerBeetle I Schematic (744 KB)

SensorBeetle I Schematic (805 KB)

Software Examples

Name Description Download Example blinky software for ClickBeetles with Apollo1 based on FEEU MCU Templates (996 KB/apollo1
Restricted Access Software examples for use with BLE stacks Contact us using our contact form or Email us



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