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For ASIC developments Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) is closely working with Socionext, which is a joint venture of Fujitsu, Panasonic and the Japanese Development Bank bundling the know-how of Fujitsu and Panasonic on media centric SoC’s.

A significant part of the Socionext ASSP product offering is dealing with media processing with a focus on video. The available devices cover all aspects from video capture over video processing (encode, transcode) to display management. In addition to the ASSP portfolio, FEEU is working with several departments in Socionext offering custom SoC designs for media as well as for industrial and telecom applications. Beside these classical ASIC solutions, Socionext provides solutions centered around platform SoCs whose specifications are created, designed and manufactured by Socionext. The target customers for these solutions are companies who have diverse requirements for office, industrial, medical and other equipment that cannot be met by current application processors. By using Socionext's solutions, our customers are able to reduce their system development risks. These include developmental delays and cost overruns as well as technical difficulties. Socionext platform SoC (PF SoC) products serve as the basis for the above solutions.

With increasing functionality and performance of SoCs, it has become difficult to develop SoCs in a short turn-around time. In their custom SoC development group, Socionext has cultivated know-how and a performance record over the past forty years. By constantly adding new technologies Socionext can provide SoCs that meet the needs of FEEU customers in a very short turn-around time. By using techniques of system architecture design and development support service, software platform subsystem, plentiful IP line up, and state of the art wafer processes, the customer requirements are met.

Due to the common history with Socionext, FEEU has a long record of selling and supplying Socionext products, even though Socionext was just founded in 2015. The majority of current Socionext product offering provided by FEEU have been developed when Socionext was still part of Fujitsu Semiconductor.


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