Fujitsu IoT and Wireless Solutions

Wireless Modules and IoT Connectivity Solutions

Flexible in Connectivity, Fujitsu offers a line-up of Wireless Modules and Solutions.

Through the smart building block system it is easy to compose the right solution. Complete your design with our wireless modules, compose the best fit IoT Solution or become part of the bigger concept.


Wireless Solutions and IoT Solutions

Use Fujitsu wireless modules and become part of our network of IoT Solutions

Turn your device wireless?

Fujitsu Wireless Modules

Fujitsu offers a complete line-up of Wirepas Mesh modules, Bluetooth low energy modules (4.1, 4.2 and version 5), a new series of Dual mode modules (BLE 5.0 + EDR) and LPWAN modules, connectivity for every application. Small form factors, maximum IO usage and the special PCB line antenna design get the maximum performance out of the SoC used.

Compose your ultimate IoT Solution?

IoT Connectivity Solutions

Through a building block system, Fujitsu is able to co-create the best and most optimal IoT solutions for Smart Buildings/ Smart Hospitals, Smart Cities, Smart factories and more.

The solutions include; RTLS Asset management, Indoor Navigation, Smart Lighting, Environmental Control (CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Luminance, Sound Levels) and more

Turn your device Wireless and become part of the bigger concept?

Use Fujitsu wireless modules and become part of our network of IoT Solutions. Including Lighting, Smart buttons and Switches, Sensors and more...

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