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Thermal Printers - Datasheet Index

Welcome to Fujitsu Components' thermal printer index. If you know the part number you need, just scan the list to find your product. If you aren't sure of the part number you need, we suggest you try our Product Selector to sort through the product attributes that are important to you and to find the datasheet you need.

Status: Active = Active; Preliminary = Preliminary; Not for New Design = Not for New Design; Discontinued = Discontinued

24 Volt Mechanisms
2" Mechanisms Not for New Design FTP-621MCL101/102
Not for New Design FTP-621MCL201/202
Not for New Design FTP-621MCL301/301
Not for New Design FTP-621MCL351/352
Not for New Design FTP-622MCL001/002
Active FTP-622MCL101/102
Discontinued FTP-622MCL301/302
Not for New Design FTP-622MCL303/304
Active FTP-622MCL353/354
Discontinued FTP-627MCL001/002/003/004
Active FTP-627MCL053/054
Active FTP-627MCL103/113
Active FTP-627MCL353/354
Active FTP-627MCL401/601
Active FTP-629MCL054/353/354
Active FTP-629MCL103/383
Active FTP-62GMCL153/153#01
2" Kiosk Printer Discontinued FTP-622UCL510/USL547
Discontinued FTP-622UCL512/USL501
Active FTP-627USL401/402
Active FTP-627USL431/435
Active FTP-627USL631/635
Active FTP-627USL525/526
Active FTP-629USL010/011
3" Mechanisms Not for New Design FTP-631MCL101/102
Not for New Design FTP-631MCL201/202
Not for New Design FTP-631MCL301/302
Not for New Design FTP-631MCL351/352
Not for New Design FTP-632MCL001/002
Active FTP-632MCL101/102
Not for New Design FTP-632MCL301/302
Not for New Design FTP-632MCL303/304
Active FTP-632MCL353/354
Active FTP-637MCL101/103
Active FTP-637MCL401/601
Active FTP-639MCL054/353/354
Active FTP-639MCL103/383
Active FTP-639MCL364/393
Active FTP-63AMCL001/011/401/411
Active FTP-63GMCL153/453
3" Kiosk Printer Discontinued FTP-632UCL531/USL530
Active FTP-639USL001/002
Discontinued FTP-639USL010/011 
Active FTP-639USL101/102
Active FTP-63GUSL001
4" Mechanisms Not for New Design FTP-641MCL101/102
Discontinued FTP-641MCL201/202
Not for New Design FTP-641MCL301/302
Discontinued FTP-641MCL351/352
Active FTP-642MCL001/002
Active FTP-642MCL301/302
Active FTP-649MCL103/104
5.5" Mechanisms Not for New Design FTP-651MCL101/102/301/303
8" Mechanisms Active FTP-68EMCL101

Battery Operated Mechanisms
2" Mechanisms Discontinued FTP-623MCL400/402
Not for New Design FTP-624MCL001/002
Not for New Design FTP-624MCL303/304
Discontinued FTP-628MCL001/002/003/004
Active FTP-628MCL053/054
Active FTP-628MCL101/103
Discontinued FTP-628MCL101#11
Active FTP-628MCL101#21/#50
Active FTP-628MCL113
Active FTP-628MCL121/123
Active FTP-628MCL353/354#01/#02
Discontinued FTP-628MCL383
Active FTP-628MCL401/451
Active FTP-628MCL701/751
2" Mobile Printer Active FTP-628WSL110/120
3" Mechanisms Not for New Design FTP-633MCL400/402
Active FTP-634MCL001/002
Active FTP-638MCL101/103
Active FTP-638MCL401
3" Mobile Printer Preliminary FTP-638WSL100
4" Mechanisms Active FTP-644MCL001/002 Active FTP-648MCL103/104

Standalone Printers
3" Mechanisms Active KA02051-D721/321
Active KA02054-D711/712/717/718
Active KA02055-D711/712/717/718
Active KA02041-D771/772/777/778

Interface Boards
  Not for New Design FTP-621DCL002/012
Discontinued FTP-621DCL003/013
Active FTP-622DCL001/011
Active FTP-622DSL001/011/012
Discontinued FTP-622DSL438
Active FTP-624DCL002
Active FTP-624DSL002
Discontinued FTP-624DSL113
Active FTP-627DCL218
Active FTP-627DSL238
Active FTP-627DSL290
Active FTP-627DSL3xx
Active FTP-627DSL601/603/605
Discontinued FTP-628DSL102
Active FTP-628DCL300/301
Active FTP-628DSL305/306
Active FTP-628DCL/DSL45x
Active FTP-629DCL014
Active FTP-629DSL034
Active FTP-629DSL100/200
Active  FTP-62GDSL001
Active FTP-637DCL218
Active FTP-637DSL238
Active FTP-637DSL290
Active FTP-637DSL3xx

Paper Holder Active FTP-040HF/HS
Thermo-sensitive Paper Active FTP-020P/030P/040P



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