Signal Relays


SeriesContact formContact ratingCoil voltage (DC)MountAppNote
FTR-B3    2c0.3A 125VAC, 1A 30VDC1.5 to 24VTH, SMTNavigation (sound),dark current cutLatching type available
FTR-B42c0.3A 125VAC, 1A 30VDC1.5 to 24VTH, SMTNagivation(sound), dark current cutLatching type available
FTR-C12c1A 30VDC, 0.3A 125VAC, 0.3A 110VDC3 to 24VTH, SMTNetworking gear DSL, car navigation (sound), multifunction copier, dark current cutContact gap 0.6mm, latching type available
FTR-C22c0.3A 125VAC, 1A 30VDC3 to 24VTH, SMTVoIP, DSL, multifunction copier, car navigation (sound), dark current cutContact gap 2.0mm, latching type available
NA2c0.5A 125VAC, 1A 30VDC1.5 to 48V (latching ~24V)THCommunication, networking gear DSLLatching type available
RY2c, 2d0.5A 120VAC (RY-W, WZ), 1A 24VDC, 0.25A 120VAC (RY-WF), 1A 24VDC, 0.5A 125VAC (RY-WFZ), 2A 30VDC3 to 48VTHCommunication facility-
SY1c0.5A 120VAC, 1A 24VDC1.5 to 24VTHDial pulses, vehicle electronic mirror-