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Quality is the key word when talking about the Fujitsu Components relays. We manufacture automotive, signal, high frequency and power relays for a wide range of applications such as: home appliances, smart metering, solar panels, etc.

Fujitsu merged in 1995 with Takamisawa Electric inheriting the well known Takamisawa relay brand. Combining the strengths of both companies, Fujitsu Components remains a major player in the relay manufacturing business and continues developing new relays and improving our current product offering.

Taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously, we design relays to fully comply with the RoHS and WEEE guidelines. Our relays predominantly meet the major international safety standards.

Fujitsu relays to comply with the latest PLC standard, learn more>>

Product Highlights

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Green Design Relays

By design, latching relays with a permanent magnet are inherently energy efficient. They require no standby power after an initial short energy pulse initiates operation to open the switch, nor do they require driving power during operation or recovery.
Using an innovative bridge-type magnetic circuit, Fujitsu’s JSL series relays have an even more efficient attraction and repulsion force that further reduces environmental impact.

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FTR-K3WG series relay

New Relays Target Alternative Energy Market Applications

From solar powered systems, smart power meters, electronic vehicles to UPSs and HVC systems, new high-voltage, high-current, high-insulation power relays and a low-profile, power latching relay address emerging and existing applications.

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  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, November 11, 2020
    Fujitsu Introduces Ultra-Compact, 50A PCB Relay for Medium-to-Heavy Automotive Loads
    Fujitsu Components Europe has expanded its automotive relay offering with a new 12VDC PCB relay featuring a switching capacity of 50A at 14VDC. The FBR53-HC offers a higher contact rating than its 40A FBR53-HW counterpart, yet occupies the same 12.1 x 15.5 x 13.7mm footprint and weighs the same 6g.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, April 10, 2020
    Reliable relay solutions for e-mobility
    With the rapid electrification of the mobility landscape, new requirements arise for numerous electrical components. Relays for instance need to be able to handle ever higher voltages as well as higher currents, while at the same time be as compact as possible.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, January 27, 2020
    Fujitsu Components Introduces 6.6kW Relays for On-board Charging
    Increasingly powerful, since modern e-driving, is all about range and charging times. This is why Fujitsu Components recently introduced the FTR-K5 series that, by doubling up on capacity, cuts charging times in half.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, October 13, 2017
    Fujitsu Components Europe is finalist in two categories of 2017 Elektra awards
    The Elektra European Electronics Awards 2017 has selected Fujitsu Components Europe as a finalist in two categories – Renewable Energy Design of the Year and Design Team of the Year.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, September 20, 2017
    Fujitsu’s 100 years of perfecting the Art of Relays
    This year, Fujitsu Components Europe is celebrating Fujitsu’s one hundred years of manufacturing relays. The Takamisawa Electric Company was established in 1917 to design and produce relays for the Telecommunication industry. After being acquired by the Fujitsu Corporation in 1995, the name changed to Fujitsu Components in 2001 to reflect the focus of the company’s product lines that were added over the years such as connectors, keyboards, thermal printers, touch panels and wireless modules.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, June 20, 2017
    Relays for advanced lighting systems
    Advanced lighting developments stimulated by the 2009 European legislation to replace incandescent light bulbs by more effective LED lighting has prompted the use of LED lighting.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, February 11, 2016
    Fujitsu high voltage AC and DC relays
    Fujitsu Components focusses its relay design and development on emerging markets and green applications such as Automotive EV and PHEV, Rechargeable battery applications, Lighting DC Servers, and Solar applications.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, September 04, 2015
    Fujitsu relays to comply with the latest PLC standards
    As of April 1st 2016 PLCs will need to comply with the latest EN/IEC61010-1 and EN/IEC61010-2-201 standards. Fujitsu has changed the design of The FTR-MY relays to comply with the updated standards. To comply with these standards Fujitsu has applied supplementary/ reinforced insulation and increased dielectric strength of >3kV between coil and contacts with creepage of ≥5mm for 250Vac working voltage.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, July 20, 2015
    Restriction of Cadmium in Relay Contacts, Fujitsu Components offers alternatives
    Fujitsu Components has prepared several options to help design out the Cd containing relays, and by replacing these by Cd free relay types. Fujitsu Components offers alternative solutions and replacement relay types. Depending on the applications and specific contact loads, it may be possible to use existing relay types, with cadmium free AgSnO2 or AgNi contact material. In other cases, please consider the information for new alternative relay types.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, February 02, 2015
    Projections to Reveal a Growing Global Lighting Market
    Continued population growth, increased access to electricity and advanced lighting developments are important stimuli for the growth of the global lighting market. The ever-expanding use of advanced lighting solutions for home as well as industrial applications has led to an increasing demand.


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