IoT Connectivity Solutions Evaluation Kit

The Fujitsu Mesh Evaluation Kit makes it easy to test and evaluate Fujitsu Mesh devices in combination with the Wirepas Mesh technology.

The Evaluation Kit comes equipped with all the necessary hardware and software for your evaluation. The kit includes anchor nodes and asset tags for asset tracking and full packed sensor nodes for environment monitoring. The cloud setup is including the Wirepas Network Tool (WNT), Wirepas Mesh Positioning Engine (WPE), and a webbased sample dashboard application.

The Mesh Evaluation Kit can be installed quickly and easy and comes with all the necessary settings and cloud setup to ensure it’s working right out of the box.

GIG5 WirePas eval kit user


Tag the assets you want to track through the area.

Place the sensor devices in the rooms where monitoring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, movement, luminance and luminance is relevant for the evaluation.

Network operation analysis

The diagnostics data from the network is gathered and sent via the gateway to the cloud that collects and analyses the information. Since the information is visualized in the WNT (Wirepas Network Tool) client application, the user can monitor and analyse the Wirepas Mesh network operation.

Asset tracking evaluation

The WPE (Wirepas Mesh Positioning Engine), which is a software component running in the cloud, takes data from Wirepas Mesh and outputs location as well as area information for devices in the network. It is possible to use WNT client to visualize each device’s location as sample application for asset tracking.

Sensor network evaluation

The Wirepas Mesh-based sensor unit makes it possible to easily install and build a sensor network on the user’s site. The user can monitor data from the multiple sensors in each sensor unit by using this web-based sample dashboard application which is running in the cloud.

The Kit

GIG5 IoT Connectivity Solutions Evaluation Kit studio shot

The kit contains 20 mesh nodes configured as anchor nodes and can cover over 100m2 of floor, achieving room level accuracy asset tracking.

Mesh nodes

5 mesh nodes are configured as asset tags which can easily be mounted on any asset.

Sensor nodes

Also included are 5 sensors nodes for environment monitoring with the following sensors on board:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Luminance (intensity of the ambient light)
  • 3-axis acceleration
  • Sound level

The kit comes with a standard 3 months software evaluation license and cloud instance

Fujitsu works with a wide variety of IoT eco-system partners who are either specialized in the back-end software or specialized hardware such as smart lighting

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