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Board to Board Connectors

FCN-260(D) stacking connectors series FCN-260(D) microGiGaCN™
Stacking Connectors

Status: Active
icon-pdf Datasheet [1.3MB]


  • High speed matched impedance (100ohms) differential signal connector (250Mbps to >10Gbps per diff pair)
  • Low cross talk
  • Low insertion loss
  • 2-step sequential mating of contacts
  • Self alignment feature
  • Hot pluggable
  • Stack heights from 8mm-22mm
  • Available in vertical and right angle mount
  • Available from 12 diff pairs to 44 diff pairs
  • Option available with power contacts
  • RoHS compliant

Fujitsu offers Compact PCI 2mm Hard Metric Backplane Connectors that are developed to support high-speed transmission/high-density packaging of communication equipment.

FCN-086/087 series FCN-086/087 series
Status: Active
icon-pdf Datasheet [3MB]


  • Low inductance
  • Low cross-talk
  • Matched impedance (50ohms)
  • Connection with PCB is Compliant pin

FCN-260(H) connectors series FCN-260(H) "MicroStrip"
Status: Discontinued 2013
icon-pdf Datasheet [343KB]


  • High-speed, single-ended, board-to-board connector system
  • Ground contacts are between rows of signal terminals (micro-strip)
  • Available 100-200 contacts

FCN-290H series FCN-290 H series
Status: Discontinued 2013
icon-pdf Datasheet [146KB]


  • 0.5 mm (0.020 in.) terminal pitch
  • SMT terminals (for both plug and socket)
  • High-speed signal (150Mbps-1.2Gbps)
  • 5.5mm stack height
  • 100 signals
  • Bellows contacts provide reliable interconnection



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