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How Fujitsu Beacons Work

The Fujitsu beacon is a Bluetooth® smart transmitter that broadcasts specific data. The broadcasted data triggers an app installed on a mobile device.

The app listens out for the signal provided by the beacons and will trigger a response based upon the nearest beacon. With the use of beacons it becomes possible to offer your audience which could be visitors of shops, events, museums, etc. tailored information, offers and to retrieve specific customer behaviour information.

For example

A large sportswear company implements beacons for promotion purposes.
This company owns a chain of shops and outlet stores which will be equipped with beacons.

The beacons used within this project trigger an app provided by the sportswear company.
Customers can install the Sportswear app on their mobile phone.

The app on the customer's smartphone receives the beacon signal and the store which is entered is identified.

The beacons within this store are able to trigger a message based upon the customer's whereabouts in the store.

This enables the sportswear company to tailor customer offers and provide additional product information or harvest customer profile information.

Fujitsu Components has developed a beacon which can easily be customized to fit any environment (retail, public, government, industrial, etc.) Fujitsu beacons can be equipped with optional sensors.

Fujitsu Components is the provider of the beacon hardware; our beacons are upon request customizable to the needs of almost any environment (retail, public, government, industrial, etc.) For dedicated back-end managing beacon networks, app integration and content management systems we are in contact with partners to build your complete solution if required.


Format standards for Bluetooth® low energy have been established.

The advertising package can be built using the standards that are defined by OS providers in the market. The information broadcasted consists of a Unique identification number and additional bytes for specific settings.

Unique identification number: a string of bytes that identifies a group of related beacons, together with some bytes to identify individual devices in the group.