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PRIMERGY BX Ethernet Switch/IBP 1Gbit/s 36/8+2

The PRIMERGY Ethernet Switch/IBP 36/8+2 is an integrated 1 Gb Connection Blade for use in the PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 chassis. It can be installed in each Connection Blade slot (4x in BX400, 8x in BX900) and provides 36 downlink ports each with 1 Gb to the midplane to connect with the Server Blades.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Independent of external Ethernet switches
  • Combination of switch and Intelligent Blade Panel for PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 Blade Servers.

  • Variable use in up to 6 installation bays on the rear of a BX system unit.
Flexible and easy to adapt
  • Unites the functions of switch and IBP.

  • Easy switching between the switch and IBP functionality enables flexible use depending on the requirement.
Comprehensive connection options
  • 8 x 1Gb (RJ45) plus 2 x 10 Gb (SFP+) uplink port.

  • Variable link to external networks with both low and extremely high bandwidths; bundling option for several internal 1 Gb on external 10 Gb connections.
Administration made easy
  • Up to 8-way cascading (stacking mode).

  • Top management flexibility due to the standardized view of a group of several similar Connection Blades within one or more Blade Servers; minimizes effects of faulty components, thus increasing the availability of the I/O connections.

Technical details

Active power (max. configuration)35 W
Weight1.36 kg
Connection typeLAN Connection Blade
Layer 2+, 1 Gb Ethernet Switch or Intelligent Blade Panel (IBP)
Supported system unitsPRIMERGY BX400 S1, PRIMERGY BX900 S1, PRIMERGY BX900 S2
Max. number per BX9004 in PRIMERGY BX400 S1, 8 in PRIMERGY BX900 S1/S2
Supported Server BladesPRIMERGY BX9xx Server Blade w. 1 Gbit/s LAN on board
PRIMERGY BX9xx Server Blade w. 10 Gbit/s LAN on board
PRIMERGY BX9xx S3/S4 Server Blades w. 10 Gbit/s CNA on Board
PRIMERGY BX25xx Server Blades w. 10Gbit/s CNA on Board
Supported Mezzanine CardsPRIMERGY BX Eth Mezz Card 1 Gbit/s 4 port, PRIMERGY BX Eth Mezz Card 10 Gbit/s 2 port
Down-link ports36 x 1 Gbit/s Eth
Up-link ports8 x 1 Gb Eth (RJ45)
2 x 10 Gb Eth (SFP+)
Recommended Service24x7 Onsite Service with 4h Onsite Response Time