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PaperStream Capture Lite - data capture software for Fujitsu SP Series document scanners

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PaperStream Capture Lite is the cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use front-end information capture software for on-demand scanning with Fujitsu SP Series document scanners.

Similar to a mobile application, its simple and intuitive user interface makes PaperStream Capture Lite particularly suitable for users with little scanning experience. The One Click Capture functionality reduces the number of times users need to touch the screen – preventing operational errors and streamlining repeated operations.

When more demanding scanning routines are required, they can be easily built into newly created profiles then used with the same simplicity as standard scanning routines.

While simplifying scanning to Point & Click actions, PaperStream Capture Lite features the wealth of automatic PaperStream IP image enhancement capabilities that are characteristic for Fujitsu image scanners.

Is PaperStream Capture Lite right for my business?

Choose PaperStream Capture Lite if you:

  • Use a single Fujitsu SP Series document scanner
  • Have users with little scanning experience and limited time for training
  • Want instant routine scanning
  • Want to convert information from paper to crisp, clear image data stored in BMP, TIFF, MTIFF or JPG formats

Key features and benefits

  • Suitable for single workstation deployment
  • Document separation with integrated barcode, patch code, page number and blank page recognition
  • Output image options – choose from Bitmap, TIFF and JPEG file outputs
  • Index information using a 1D barcode
  • Output index file options – choose from TXT, CSV and XML