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Scanner Cleaning Kits for Workgroup / Departmental

Suitable for: fi-5015C, fi-6110, fi-7030, fi-7140, fi-7240, fi-7160, fi-7260, fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7460, fi-7480, fi-5530C2, fi-6010N, N7100, N1800, fi-6130LA, fi-6230LA, fi-6130ZLA, fi-6230ZLA, fi-6130Z, fi-6230Z, fi-6140Z, fi-6240Z, fi-4120C, fi-4120C2, fi-4220C, fi-4220C2, fi-4340C, fi-5110C, fi-5120C, fi-5220C, fi-5530C, fi-6000NS, fi-6130, fi-6140, fi-6230, fi-6240, SP-1425, SP-1120, SP-1125, SP-1130

Cleaning Kit

Maintain your scanner for optimum performance with this factory approved cleaning kit

Includes wipes infused with a specially formulated cleaning fluid that effectively removes dirt, toner, carbon, chemicals from treated papers and other debris from the parts of the scanner that are in continuous contact with paper.

Cleaning Kit

Part number: SC-CLE-WGD

Includes: 72 x F1 Cleaning Fluid Impregnated Cleaning Wipes

Lifetime: Approx. 3 months based on one application per day, 1 month at three applications per day*

*Based upon typical scanner usage during 22 working days per month.