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Document capture software for Fujitsu fi Series and SP Series Image Scanners

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Your information is key to your business. Achieving the most efficient information capture is key to your productivity. For paper-based information, the process of document capture, digital conversion and data release is fundamental. It depends on two key elements: your document scanners and your digital end-to-end document capture software.

By combining market-leading Fujitsu fi Series document scanners with our PaperStream software, you can transform time-consuming and error-prone manual paper-handling into super-fast, error-free, high-quality document digitisation that significantly increases your efficiency and productivity.

The complete scanner software family

To equip you with everything you need for optimising your information flow and knowledge sharing processes, we have a complete family of digital document software – from data capture software through to special apps built around core business processes:

PaperStream Capture Streamlining your business by progressing from paper to digital processes enables you to achieve more efficient and productive information capture and data consolidation.
PaperStream IP Ensure the clean, crisp images you need to get your data capture right first time, every time.
PaperStream NX Manager Server software that provides seamless integration with various client systems and applications.
Easy NX Connect Powerful server software that runs alongside NX Manager on your Windows server and enhances the capabilities of your fi-7300NX scanner fleet.
Administration Monitor and manage your scanners and data capture software over a network from a single point.
Special Apps Industry specific apps built around a range of business needs.



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