PaperStream NX Solution. Enhanced security and protection across your business

Simple to manage, easy to use, the PaperStream NX Solution is the complete flexible scanning solution that brings enhanced security and greater protection to document management, ensuring superior governance of information – and greater peace of mind.

Combining the the Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner and server-based Paperstream software, the PaperStream NX Solution is ideal for organisations that can run, manage, and configure a server, but who don’t want to develop integrations. It has the flexibility to grow as business grows, offering seamless integrations and multiple points of connectivity – ensuring continuous adaptability and value for money.

Minimise risk and increase the level of business security

The PaperStream NX Solution solution offers another layer of protection for vital data. Through limiting access to sensitive information and ensuring greater protection against human error, it helps increase overall business security and ensure nothing is missed.

    • Access authentication
      User authentication ensures jobs can only be accessed by those with the right profiles, and scans can only be sent to authorised locations.
    • Data encryption
      Encryption of data helps to prevent data leakage and enhance security
    • Assured availability
      Use of a failover server assures service availability
    • Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection
      A feature of fi-7300NX scanners, prevents document damage
    • Image optimisation
      The embedded PaperStream IP image optimization engine consistently delivers exceptional quality images, minimising OCR errors

Increase control and governance for greater peace of mind

The PaperStream NX Solution allows businesses to reinforce document control across their organisation and increases the ability to regulate document management. A centralised view gives greater oversight of critical workloads and devices, helping safeguard sensitive information and demonstrate greater compliance.

    • Centralised control
      Offers the ability to oversee and manage scanners and workloads across multiple locations
    • NFC/PIN/password security
      As well as managing user access, this also restricts job menu options to those relevant to each specific user
    • Leverage Active Directory
      Leveraging Microsoft Active Directory enables management of users, usage, and permissions with minimum maintenance
    • Remote management
      Makes it easy to monitor and maintain an entire fleet of scanners
    • Usage measurements
      Allows system administrators to better understand and oversee scanner activity

Unlock efficiencies and boost productivity

With organisations constantly needing to deliver more with less, the PaperStream NX Solution helps organisations on the path to greater efficiency, speeding up processes and automating workflows – giving more time to direct energy and focus where it really matters.

    • PC-free scanning
      Reduces time spent scanning between locations and supports “thin client” strategy
    • Preconfigured job-buttons
      So operators don’t have to set up tasks individually
    • Base version connectors
      Allow easy integration with your own solutions and applications
    • Automation of the capture process
      Brings speed and consistency with minimal effort
    • Rich software ecosystem
      Integrating the PaperStream NX Solution with one of our Partnerecosystem solutions offers countless functionality possibilities
    • Automatic Profile Selection
      Delivers greater accuracy and consistency

Quick to deploy and easy to use

It’s important to be able to get up and running quickly. That’s why the PaperStream NX Solution is ready for implementation by your IT team ‘out of the box’. Simple to understand and intuitive to use, the PaperStream NX Solution champions better user experiences and integrates seamlessly with existing solutions and applications.

    • Fast and easy set up
      Requiring only standard IT department skills
    • Prebuilt connectors
      For ‘out of the box’ integration without development
    • Colour touch screen
      The fi-7300NX’s colour touch screen means minimal operator training and a more intuitive user experience
    • Simplified processes
      Enable easier and more intuitive user journeys
    • Flexible and scalable
      As it is server-based, the PaperStream NX Solution is also extremely flexible and scalable, ensuring easy adaptability as needs grow and change.
Operating System*1 Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
.NET Framework .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
Web Server Internet Information Services 8.0 or later
Other Software SQL Server 2014 or later*2*3
Browser Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 11 or later
CPU 3.5 GHz quad-core processor or higher
Memory 16 GB or more
Disk Space 120 GB or more of free disk space
Compatible Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure™
Amazon Web Services™
Registrable Units Up to 1,000 scanner units
Registrable Users Up to 3,000 users total per server*4
Creatable Jobs Up to 1,000 jobs
  1. To use NX Manager on Windows, you need to purchase a CAL (Client Access License). For details about Client Access Licenses, please contact Microsoft.
  2. If SQL Server 2014 Express, Standard, or Enterprize Edition installed yet, it is installed together with NX Manager when NX Manager is installed.
  3. Edition: Express, Standard, or Enterprize
  4. Can be increased by Active Directory group integration.

Recommended Environment for Using Web Scan

Recommended Values for Hardware Requirements
CPU Core i5 2.5 GHz processor or higher
Memory 4 GB or more
Disk Space 10 GB or more of free disk space

PaperStream Software Portfolio

The Fujitsu Imager Scanner PaperStream software portfolio is incredibly simple to use and easy to install.

Feature - Co-Creation from PFUE

Feature - Imaging channel program

Feature - Organisational Intelligence