PaperStream software solutions are the foundation that allow Fujitsu Image Scanners to the remain the world’s most trusted scanning technology, by making it easy for organisations to digitise their workflows. This in turn helps to unlock the value of their information, enhancing both their organisational productivity and as we’ll see, their Organisational Intelligence.

86% of organisations struggle with the amount of data they have to manage

Experience exceptional image capture

Exceptional Quality Images

The PaperStream IP driver enables Fujitsu Image Scanner solutions to consistently create exceptional quality optimised images, reducing operational costs and supporting downstream processing. Making images cleaner and more accurate delivers industry-leading OCR accuracy, while optimised files sizes mean faster, lower cost storage and access.

Tackling higher volume needs

Optimised Workflows

PaperStream Capture makes it easy to automate the batch capture process. PaperStream Capture Pro further enhances the information capture process, allowing organisations with heavy scanning needs to re-engineer the capture process for maximum throughput.

54% of organisations see scanning as a foundational element of digital transformation

PaperStream IP is the foundation of high-quality scanning is, ensuring scanned documents are converted into high-quality images, helping reduce operational cost and supporting downstream OCR processing. To deliver this across an entire network, PaperStream IP Net provides organisations with the flexibility to configure how their network connects and operates to meet their exact business needs.

  • PaperStream IP.
    The foundation of quality scanning
  • PaperStream IP Net.
    Liberated Scanner Connectivity

Automation is a critical part of streamlining the scanning process. PaperStream Capture helps boost organisational productivity with more streamlined and economical digital workflows, while PaperStream ClickScan makes ad-hoc scanning of unexpected documents simple, and efficient with one button functions. For organisations with heavy scanning needs, PaperStream Capture Pro re-engineers the capture process itself, scaling both throughput and associated efficiency gains.

  • PaperStream ClickScan.
    Easily handle ad-hoc scanning requirements
  • PaperStream Capture.
    The power of automation for more efficient workflows
  • PaperStream Capture Pro.
    Advanced digital workflows maximised
  • PaperStream NX Solution.
    Enhanced security and protection across your business

To get the most out of a scanning network, it needs to be effectively managed. PaperStream Central Admin and PaperStream IP Net help organisations to monitor and assess device on their network from a single PC, creating a more efficient way to ensure and maintain uptime. Combined with the Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner, NX Manager is the complete flexible capture solution, combining with server-based PaperStream software to bring greater protection to document management, superior governance of information – and with it, greater peace of mind.

  • Scanner Central Admin.
    Scanner management made easy
  • PaperStream NX Solution.
    Enhanced security and protection across your business
  • PaperStream IP Net.
    Liberated Scanner Connectivity

PaperStream Software Portfolio

Unlocking the value of information, and increasing organisational productivity

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